This is the type of question that I dread.

On the surface of it the question seems very simple…….. but it’s not.

So I’m going to break my answer down into 4 parts:

1. Do you NEED protein powders at all?
2. Caution Alerts – It could ruin you
3. Are you on the slippery slope?
4. The Real World Solution.

In our last blog we discussed how protein powders could actually be bad for you. In todays blog we focus on how taking protein powder is the start of a very……

3. Slippery slope

This is the slope that starts with you taking one little decision to make life a bit easier and ends up with you eating ‘convenience’ everything. We’ve all done it.

In a genuine effort to make it easier to stick to a path you take the easy option. Use the microwave rather than boiling the beans on the hob, grab the ready to eat fruit pot rather than buying an apple and washing it, grab breakfast on the way into work rather than getting up 15-20 mins earlier. You do it once for a genuine reason and before you know it you’re doing it all the time.

It’s really easy to get there, and way harder to get back.

Protein powders are on that slope. You know it and I know it.

Doesn’t mean you can’t use them but it does mean you have to be very honest with yourself. What tends to happen is that you tell yourself (and genuinely believe it) that you only do it once a week. But that’s not reality.

Only yesterday I was with a client reviewing a food diary I had asked him to complete. We were reviewing his diet to check how it matched up to his aspirations for his health and weight goals.

Despite my dislike for cereals as a breakfast he was open about the fact hat he would continue to have them “just once a week for some variety”. Now given that for him variety was one of his key targets he’d got me, couldn’t argue. But he was adamant that he only ate them once a week.

This was our discussion in my office just minutes before we were to go through the food diary that he’d filled in every day of the previous week and that was sat right in front of us.

Guess what – cereals 3 times that week!!!

That’s the slippery slope for you right there.

Principles and foundations need to be fought for each and every day, the minute you step on the slope you need to be very careful.

But I hear you say, we have to live in the real world and I agree which I why I have for you a real world solution. Check it out in part 4!

I hope that you have found the information I have shared valuable? If so please let me know and please feel free to share it with others.