Have you started 2017 with a desire, a strong conviction or even just a wistful longing to get a bit fitter?

Maybe you’ve decided to finally get your bad back into shape, or to tackle that ever increasing waistline or the dreaded sagging chest (I won’t use the horrid ‘M’ word!). Maybe the shame of being outdone by your kids has sparked a desire to get some fitness back?

If so I congratulate you. You’ve taken one of the hardest decisions and if you’ve got your kit on and actually got out there then even better.

But the hardest part I’m afraid is yet to come.

The hardest part some sometime between week 3 & week 6.  It’s not quite a habit yet, it’s still pretty hard work and there’s probably not too much evidence that its all worth it.

But trust me it will be.  You just have to keep going.

If you’ve taken the Lone Wolf option and are flying solo with this then just keep the faith, keep grafting away, maybe do a little research to make sure there’s nothing else you could do that would give better results BUT stick with it.

You have to make it a habit, somewhere between 31 & 128 days that happens – the new target is 62 days (it used to be 28).

Of course you can get help – I would say that wouldn’t I???

It doesn’t have to be paid help.  Gym buddies, accountability partners, even the pressure of putting it on Facebook and updating you progress every few days can make it way more successful.

And then of course there is the paid help.

Now a lot of what happens in the fitness industry is well known. You can find it all out yourself and very few of us are troubling Mensa!

But we do this stuff everyday.  Some of us can prove our track record of success over many years.

I am often asked whether we get the usual January rush here at JT Ethos and the answer is not really. In fact ever since I’ve been working in the Fitness industry I have not benefitted from it.

Yes, the Gyms are super busy, you’ve probably experienced that this year?

Yes, the TV is full of health related programmes and adverts, you can’t have escaped that?! And I’m sure the retail sector sees a bump in health related sales from Boxing Day onwards. But for those of us who help other people on their journey to health it is rare to have to deal with a huge tidal wave of new customers in your first week back.

For us, it’s more about waiting for the initial burst of enthusiasm and willpower to drop off slightly, waiting for the individuals to realise that it’s actually a bit harder than they thought. And trying to catch them before they give up.

The saddest thing I experience is talking to people who tell me about the numerous attempts they’ve made to get themselves fixed, or fitter, or out of pain or lighter. And how it always ends up in failure.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Yes the knowledge of how to do it is out there and the internet is a wonderful thing.  There are also may of us putting out tons of free information for you to use to help you.

But sometimes you just get better results working with an expert.

You and I could dig into the internet and find out how to service our cars, we could learn to build a house (plenty of brave souls do) or to do out own tax returns.

But it makes out lives easier, and we get more for our effort when we let the professionals help us.

You don’t have to abdicate it all.  For us it’s as much about teaching you to look after yourself as it is the actual results.

We’d happily settle for half a stone less weight off if we are confident that you know how to maintain that for the rest of your life.  That’s a much better solution than the horrible yo-yo phenomenon of most weight loss programmes where the second you stop ‘the diet’ it all (and more) goes straight back on.

Wouldn’t you rather make 2017 the year that you finally got on top of your bad back or your weight or your bad stomach?