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People diet to lose weight because they’re worried about their health, but dieting can be punishing on the body and isn’t the right solution. 
Here are five reasons why dieting doesn’t work and advice on the right way to approach food for a healthy body and mind. 
1) Diets make us unhappy 
Meal times, cooking, and eating should be a pleasure, not something to dread or make you feel bored. When we diet, the foods we eat can be bland, repetitive, and unsatisfying, sucking the enjoyment out of food for us. 
As well as making us feel a bit down, dieting acts as a stressor on the body, causing it to release stress hormones like cortisol which can have all kinds of negative effects on our bodies and mood. 
2) Diets can slow down weight loss 
One of the physical effects of your body releasing cortisol is that it slows down the rate in which you burn calories. This is one reason why sometimes when we diet we actually end up putting more weight on! 
3) Diets can cause your body to go into starvation mode 
If you suddenly begin eating far fewer calories than usual it can be a real shock to the system, causing your body to go into starvation mode. When your body is in starvation mode it will hang onto fat cells, slowing down or preventing weight loss. It can also cause you to eventually give into what your body is screaming for with an inevitable binge. 
4) Diets aren’t sustainable 
Unsurprisingly, all the starvation and misery just aren’t sustainable! Diets can be too short-term. If you are serious about adopting a certain diet then this should be something you are planning on sticking to for the foreseeable future, not just the next few weeks. One of the best diets for doing this is Keto
5) We’re all different 
Whilst one diet might appear to offer positive results for one individual, another person following the same diet could find they end up putting weight on. In the same way, a diet that is healthy and leaves one person full of energy, may have negative results for their best friend. We all come from different backgrounds and have different body types and requirements when it comes to food, there is no one diet to fit all! 
You only get one body, so be kind to it and learn to listen to what it’s telling you. By learning more about your body and its requirements with help from an expert, you can create a healthy and nourishing food regime that your body will thank you for, leaving you glowing from the inside out. 
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