Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Congratulations to Brendan – we are proud to present him as our Client of the Month! 
Brendan came to us when he felt his recovery from surgery had stalled. He was following the hospital exercise programme but felt that it was no longer challenging enough. Brendan has had his fair share of health challenges over the years but had real conviction to put them behind him and make a full recovery. 
“There is a sense of self-satisfaction when achieving a challenge that one has set oneself” 
Brendan Geary 
Having had to give up his squash and racquetball a few years previously he was also really keen to make sure he could carry on playing golf for as long as possible – and as well as possible! 
There is phrase that we use around JT Ethos quite a bit: 
“Little by little, a little becomes a lot” 
Brendan’s progress really exemplifies this, especially with his strength gains. When he first came to us flexibility and strength were the main goals with a view to offsetting and hopefully reversing the impact of ageing. 
Although we had to start with some fairly simple exercises at the start that has provided some fabulous foundations. Brendan has not only increased his strength but his balance has also improved following some very deliberate targeted exercises. 
This has then allowed us to be much more challenging with his exercise programme and over the last 4 months Brendan has gone from strength to strength, mastering some pretty challenging moves of late! 
The next target is to help with his golf swing. We have the first bit well covered – he has a really strong base to work from – so we will be looking at developing his ability to turn first off. 
Hang on Brendan I can feel some more ‘interesting’ exercises coming your way! 
We are thrilled that Brendan is our client of the month. He has shown dedication, perseverance and commitment to his goals and it is great to see him reaping the rewards, congratulations Brendan. 
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