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So here we are months into the year. 
Do you feel like you have failed because you haven’t transformed your fitness yet this year? 
Are your New Year resolutions a distant memory and the diet tips you read for weight loss, long forgotten? You are not alone – some 80 percent of us abandon our new year goals. The best way to achieve your resolutions is to never set them in the first place. 
Don’t beat yourself up. Natural weight loss and an overall improvement in fitness doesn’t come from ‘quick fix’ activities. Every resolution may come from a good place. 
But why don’t resolutions stick? 
It’s because we don’t make them matter. They are ‘should do’s’, or ‘like to do’s’ driven by a general idea or trying to live up to society’s or family norms. 
Almost everyone wants to be slimmer, fitter, healthier, but the question to ask is WHY? Or so what? 

Speak To Our Holistic Nutritionists 

The secret to a good resolution is to make it matter – so that failing isn’t an option that you can accept living with. If it doesn’t matter that much then don’t set it in the first place. Enjoy who you are and accept that you are not perfect but good enough as you are. 
If you can’t do that, then come and ask us how to make it matter. 
Healthy weight loss means a sustained and positive approach, over a suitable length of time. 
That means the best weight loss may possibly be the opposite of everything you’ve read so far about weight loss programmes. 
If you have a lifetime of yo-yo dieting behind you, if you have a history of emotional eating and reach for the biscuits as a comfort then this is a cycle you need to break out of. 
Nobody is saying it’s easy and nobody is saying it can be done overnight. 
You have the rest of this year and the rest of your life to make the changes you need. 
With the right support from a holistic nutritionist and the right mindset you really can do this. 
Quit beating yourself up and give me a call to find out how. 
Our clients know their why and know their so what. 
Not a single one of them set a New Year resolution. 
Not one of them has failed. 
That’s because they already had it: It’s a ‘me’ resolution and that’s too powerful to give up on. 
Come and speak to us about real change – you know it makes sense. Call 0121 580 9598 now. 
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