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Feel a bit weird talking about salads as we head into Autumn BUT I want to encourage you start mixing up your salads so talking about it as the weather changes is the best time. 
Did you know that as the weather changes so does your metabolic needs? In fact there are a whole multitude of things that affect your nutritional needs but the most common ones are: 
Weather Temperature 
Sleep Quality 
The Stage of Your Menstrual Cycle 
As the weather gets colder, so your needs for more protein and fat increase. This is also the same as your exercise intensity increases, as your stress levels rise, as you start to menstruate and as your sleep quality and volume reduce. 
My clients all know that they also have a specific balance of macro nutrients that are just right for them - this is very bedrock of the nutritional coaching that we do with all clients. but even when they have worked out their specifci ratrios, these need to be tweaked depending ont he circumstances. 
Below is a recipe that is part of our detox plan and you will notice how we have changed the ingrdients depending on whether a client is eating for a polar type (P), a mixed type (M) or an equatorial type (E). 
As you can see from the ingredients the polar types load more protein and good fats into their salad, as do clients expeiriencing higher levels of stress or exercise intensity. personally I like to add some really strong and smelly cheese to my salads as well as my favourite olive oil from my good friend Peter Bridgwater at 1485 Wines - 
What do you like to add to your salads? Remember it needs to have vibrancy, be colouful (no white or beige foods please) and move you towards health. 
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