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This morning we are all waking up and getting our head around the new restrictions the government imposed last night. Is it okay to admit I’m a bit fed up of it all now? 
The biggest thing I’m fed up about though is the seeming acceptance that we are powerless in the face of this virus. 
We are not. 
Human beings have survived for thousands of years against all sorts of different viruses and diseases. 
I’m not jumping into the argument about whether we are taking the right or wrong action – too much emotion and too much energy spent in limited debates (you can’t have a proper debate when typing!!!). 
But what I am saying to all my fellow human beings is that we have choices. We have the ability to arm ourselves, more than we currently are, if we wish to. 
If you don’t wish to then that is fine by me, it’s your choice, I respect your choice. 
But my choice is to arm myself to the teeth if I’m going into this fight. I like winning, and if I come across Covid-19 I’m going to do everything in my power to win – convincingly. 
Louis Pasteur is the founder of germ theory, from which a huge amount of our current approach to health, medicine and immunology is based. But there are a few different views to his work. 
He had a colleague/rival, Fracois Béchamp whose view was opposite to Pasteur’s. 
In a nutshell, Pasteur believed that the danger lay solely with the germ and it was the germ that must be eliminated at all cost – this is why we pasteurise milk for one example. Béchamp believed that the germ was not the biggest factor. He believed the biggest factor was the health of the host. A healthy host cold fight off any germ. 
What does this tell us today? 
In my view it tells us that we have 3 choices (I actually subscribe to the view that we always have 3 choices but that’s for another post). 
1. We follow Pasteur’s line and fight to avoid exposure to Covid-19 at all costs. 
2. We follow Béchamp’s line and get humans healthy enough to survive exposure to Covid-19 
3. We do both! 
I’m choosing option 3. 
Health doesn't come from a tablet, a drug or a vaccine. It comes from the things you put into your body each and every day. 
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