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Are you feeling SAD as autumn takes hold and winter approaches? 
You are not alone. 
It’s reported that up to 15 in 100 people may suffer from this sometimes debilitating condition. It’s said to be more common in women than men – and the older you get, the more likely you are to be affected. 
SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) symptoms are very much like those of depression. 
It’s important if you suffer from this recognised mental health condition that you don’t play it down, or beat yourself up for feeling its effects. There is help out there so be kind to you and go for it. 
I have a wealth of experience of working with people to help them understand what’s happening to their bodies and emotional well-being as the nights draw in. 
I’m committed to helping them strive to become the best version of them they can be – regardless of the hours of daylight. 
SAD’s impact varies. But overall these are some of the signs to look out for: 
• A lack of pleasure or interest in your usual regular activities 
• Low mood 
• Irritability 
• Low self-esteem 
• Stress 
• Anxiety 
You may also have an increased appetite and crave carbohydrates – and that’s when eating habits can go haywire. 
Did you know? 
Daylight stimulates our key activity hormone – known as cortisol — so fewer hours of daylight means less activity. 
Our bodies are made up of mostly water so the effect of a lack of activity can have a profound effect on this. 
Daylight also brings Vitamin D so a lowering level also has a negative outcome for health 
How can I help? 
I can support you in learning what is happening and how to counter the physical effects. 
We can work together to find a positive focus and replace natural vitality. 
But all of this depends on you – on your own unique needs – I listen and act accordingly – taking the right approach to empower you to take the right steps towards a balanced and healthy nutrition plan. 
Listening is so important – and really understanding what’s needed. 
Why not come and speak to me in confidence and let’s start this journey together. 
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