When to seek expert help for neck and back pain

When to seek expert help for neck and back pain
Neck and back pain are more common than you might think. In fact, it is thought eight out of ten people will suffer with back or neck pain that is not caused by an underlying medical condition at some point in […]

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Why A Full Body & Lifestyle Approach Is Better Than Pure Exercise

Exercise is one of the best things you can do if you’re looking to improve your physical and mental health. However, it shouldn’t be done in isolation. Adopting a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing, and taking care of your entire body and your lifestyle is far more beneficial […]

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What ‘Fit at 50’ actually means

You aren’t as fit as you used to be
Here at JT Ethos, one of our main specialties is health overhauls for men and women who dare to accept that they’ve kind of reached that middle phase of their life. Nobody likes the word “middle-aged”, but we all kind of know […]

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How Being Positive Can Help Back Pain

Having a positive outlook on life comes with many obvious benefits. Some are well known, such as reducing rates of depression, increased life span and a higher resistance to the common cold. But are you aware that being positive could also reduce physical pain, such as back pain?
How a Negative […]

How much do you know about vaccines?

As a health practitioner, I’m very conscious of everything that goes into our bodies especially since having my eyes opened to how substances react in us – like vaccines – and how they affect the immune response. I’ve become increasingly aware that the ‘official’ advice is not always the best advice. Right […]

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Food intolerances Part 1 – Why does it matter?


Food Intolerances have now established themselves within the psyche of a large proportion of the population. Many people will avoid certain foods or entire food groups believing (often quite reasonably) that those foods do not suit them.

The flip side to that coin is that there are plenty of reports telling […]

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The drug industry is ruined…

We coach all our clients about the importance winding down at the end of the day and making going to sleep more than just a last minute decision. Generally we don’t encourage watching TV just before going to sleep for numerous reasons, one of which is perfectly exemplified here.

Last night […]

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Even The Medics Are Coming Round To Gluten!

I started the article with a mixture of intrigue and weariness. Could it really be an acceptance of what many of us ‘alternative’ health practitioners have been promoting for decades? Could the medical community finally be waking up to the negative impact of Gluten to our health?

Yes and No.

In the […]

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It hurts too much………

Being in the health, wellbeing and fitness industry has been quite a painful experience in the last few weeks.

2 weeks ago there was the news that GPs were about to dump healthy patients and last week there was the thoroughly demoralising news that the government have renewed their advice on […]

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Long-Term Success is a Mash Up

I have a confession to make. I’m in nerd mode at the moment. Full on nerd mode.

I’ve found audiobooks and double speed listening and I’m loving it. My early morning dog walks are now filled with learning. I just love it, up at 6 out the door in the dark […]

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