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How does exercise help relieve sciatica pain?

Whilst the thought of exercising can be daunting when you’re in pain, staying active can be far more beneficial to those suffering from sciatica than being sedentary.
If you suffer from sciatica, a couple of days of rest can be beneficial during a painful flareup, but generally staying mobile will […]

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Will I Ever Be Toned Again?

Every time I set out on a new phase of lifting my levels of health my mind gets filled with images of how my body will look. The lean, toned look with a narrow waist and pecs that look nothing like the dreaded ‘man-boobs’!

To be quite frank I have no […]

Sitting on your arse in the gym is wasting your time

Time is precious, you’ve got about 5 things to do with every chuck of time you can identify.

Getting to the gym is important to you but it’s really difficult to make the time regularly, too many other demands pulling you in different directions.

So why on earth would you waste your […]

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The importance of flexibility

Just because it’s simple doesn’t make it worth any less.

Let me put my cards on the table at the very beginning:

Flexibility is the ONLY place to start a rehab programme that will fix the cause of the problem

Flexibility is ESSENTIAL to the proper functioning of the body

Flexibility is a KEY […]

In The Spotlight of Paul Chek

For those who read my last blog ‘I’ve been back to School’ this is the follow up in which I will detail my experience of being the final day case study. Opening myself up to the class and then putting it all back together so that I can make a […]