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Jim is a level 3 CHEK Practitioner having studied in both the UK & the USA

Jim is a level 3 CHEK Practitioner having studied in both the UK & the USA

What is CHEK all about?

It’s about you.

It’s about you achieving health, vitality, energy and whatever else you want. It’s about you becoming the very best version of you.

It’s about creating a healthy body and a healthy mind where your thoughts, actions, lifestyle, diet, goals and exercise programme are all in sync and moving you towards the goals you want.**

The CHEK system is based on the learning and teachings of Paul Chek from the CHEK Institure. Paul is the world’s foremost authority on holistic health and during his career has also reached similar levels in the areas of physical rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, nutrition and mental and emotional wellbeing.

He is a true legend of the health and fitness world, an inspirational leader and one of the world’s true free thinkers.

The legacy of that excellence is the CHEK Institute where there are 2 main routes of education – CHEK Practitioners and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaches.

Our CHEK Practitioners and Holistic Lifestyle Coaches

Jim is a Level III CHEK Practitioner (1 below the top) and a level 3 CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (the very top level). He is the most senior of all the CHEK trained professionals in Birmingham, a mentor for the European CHEK Academy and has studied with Paul CHEK himself on several occasions.

Jim has also completed the Holistic Lifestyle Coach training and studied with Paul CHEK

Jim has also completed the Holistic Lifestyle Coach training and studied with Paul CHEK

Tyran is starting at the bottom with the core conditioning and back training courses and is trying to ingest as much information as is humanly possible from the book How to Eat, Move & be Healthy. He’s also hopefully learning lots from Jim.

Our use of the CHEK methods looks primarily to identify and remove any key causes of injuries or health concerns (however far from the site of the pain or symptom it may be) and then we look to create balance in the whole body, across as many different systems as possible.

The result is that you get a body that stops hurting and you learn to do the things that drive your body towards health each and every day.

The concept is simple. All living things want to be healthy.

If you’re not healthy then there is a strong likelihood that you are doing something to create your ill health. If you stop doing it and feed your body and mind the right nutrients, your body will do the rest.

To make your programme as simple as possible, our CHEK exercise coaches have to do the hard work of identifying the key issues and designing a programme that is both effective but also achievable by you.**

To do that we use the full array of the skills that we have learnt throughout our experience working with you.

CHEK Practitioner assessments are notoriously detailed (just the basic assessment has over 360 different measurements) and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coaching uses a full array of skills including nutritional coaching, sleep assessments, goal setting and mental and emotional wellbeing work.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another

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