Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

Chronic Fatigue & Tiredness Solutions in Birmingham  

Simple Steps to Help People Who Think They’ve Tried Everything 
How Does A Holistic Approach Work Differently? 
Do you struggle to remember the time when you had enough energy? 
Do you wake up every morning and sink at the thought of getting out of bed? 
Has your Get Up & Go – Got Up & Gone? 
Have you lost your ability to see the light? 
Do you have other health concerns that don’t seem to be improving? 
Are you finally ready to get it fixed? 
If the answer to either of the last 2 questions is ‘NO’ please go straight to the bottom of the page. 
If the answer to most of the questions is YES, particularly BOTH of the last 2 then welcome. You may well be about to start the rest of your life. 
That’s a pretty big statement to make but it can be pretty scary to be in the situation you find yourself. Feeling as if you’re the only one in this situation and not understanding why or what you can do to make one thing – anything – just a bit better. 
But we know that it’s actually not too difficult to start to turn it around. 
At JT Ethos we first found out about how effective holistic health can be when Jane asked for our help. At the time we had done lots of work with injuries and weight loss (which was actually Jane’s reason for contacting us in the first place – hence the question about other health concerns that are not improving) but never targeted our programmes towards tiredness and fatigue. 

You see health is health and if you create an internal environment that promotes health it’s amazing how many things you can improve. 

Jane found the answer to her tiredness and fatigue through a truly holistic approach to her health. 
When Jane started with us it quickly became obvious that her weight was the symptom not the cause of her situation. But the steps that Jane took to improve her diet helped her start to sleep better which made a small improvement in how she was feeling. 
Birmingham is well blessed with many talented professionals in the fields of nutrition, medicine, sleep and fatigue but very few of them will link all of these areas together to make sure that they are not overlapping with negative consequences. 
If you have tried many different approaches to address your situation, maybe your doctor has used the words chronic fatigue, perhaps you’ve just been tired for years, are desperate for a good night’s sleep or something else (which you and others may think is utterly unrelated) then you need to start joining the dots. 
You need to look at linking what’s going on in your body as a whole; making small, relatively easy, changes to your life that together can help you achieve a big turnaround. A turnaround you probably feel is beyond you. 
Once Jane started to sleep better, she then had a little bit more energy to start to address some of the other changes. Little bits like drinking more water, learning how to relax a little and learning when a glass of wine was a good idea and when it was a bad one. 
These little changes didn’t target the actual cause of her fatigue and tiredness. But they were her springboard to the wonderful life she has now. 
All of our testimonials on this page are from clients in Birmingham who have turned around their lives, gained huge improvements in their energy levels and now look forward to each and everyday by adopting a joined up approach to their lives.** 
That’s the benefit of a holistic approach to health, we can attack your problem from many different angles and in doing so overcome hurdles that have previously been too big. 
If you feel that we’ve been describing you, if you’ve tried other stuff, or felt that other approaches just didn’t seem to ‘get it’ then fill out the form opposite and come and find out if our approach makes sense. 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 

If your answer is NO…. 

It’s not a problem to us that you answered no but it does mean that you’re not ready to come and work with us yet. You are very welcome to sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch or simply log us in your memory bank in case your quest to find a solution that works for you is not successful. 
Our programmes work brilliantly for people who are fully committed to re-gaining the lives they want, lifting their energy levels way above and beyond what they’ve become used to or simply re-focussing on what actually matters to them. Birmingham has lots of good therapists that can look at individual areas of the body, but if you have not achieved your goal using these treatments then we provide Birmingham’s most complete and truly holistic approach to chronic fatigue, tiredness and the injuries and health concerns that they cause. 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
“Jim has patience, understanding and makes me understand me. I am a difficult person to work with, as I can be lazy and full of excuses, however I believe he sees the good in me. I have actually started to like myself, I am not ill and I don’t feel unhappy, scared or apprehensive. I actually sleep at night.” 
Jane Whitfield, 43, Company Director 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
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