It’s been a slightly uncomfortable week.

On Tuesday I presented to group of managers and directors from a large corporate organisation on the subject of health & vitality.

During the Dr Happiness section I brought up the subject of people and tasks that can be energisers and drainers.

Having focussed on setting some goals about how they wanted to live their lives and what they wanted to achieve, we needed to consider things that move you towards those goals or hold you back.

People can often hold you back. They can sap your energy for life.

The reasons for this can be quite complicated but that isn’t as important a realising who they are and seeing what is happening.

Have a think now about the people and tasks in your life, the people that you spend time with, and think about whether you feel energised or drained after seeing them.

You can pick them can’t you?

You can see the ones that leave you with a little less optimism or spring in your step.

Now think about those people who help you feel amazing. Those that leave you feeling like you can achieve anything.

Now the next bit can be a bit challenging.

Who do you want to spend you time with?

Imagine what your life would feel like if you only spent time with the people that leave you feeling amazing? If you didn’t spend time with the drainers?

I bet you’re feeling good already? You’re probably smiling a little.

Because it’s that easy. You can choose who you spend time with.

Now, I’m not advocating picking the phone up and sticking the boot in. You don’t have to alienate loads of friends. But you can make more effort to see the energisers in your life and limit your exposure to the drainers.

Try it, just for a while, and see how your energy and outlook on life changes.

I’d recommend going for a month, but even just doing it for a weekend can make a nice difference.

Why have I had to take my own medicine?

Because whilst in the car on the way back from the presentation I realised that some of the decisions I’d been wrangling with for a few months involved drainers.

As soon as I realised that the decision was easy.

Move away from the drainers and towards the energisers.