I have just come off the phone from talking to Ellen. Ellen was a client of ours for about 18 months who we last saw at the end of 2013.

Ellen originally came to us with a numb arm, she was tired and lacked motivation. But mostly she came to us because she wanted to understand what was happening to her body and WHY it was happening.

At the time Ellen gave us the following testimonial:

“When I started working with Jim I had a numb arm, was tired and lacked motivation. I am now full of energy, my numb arm has completely disappeared and I now have the motivation to take things on myself and implement all of the things I have learnt.

I recommend Jim to anyone – he has been totally amazing. He is a no nonsense bloke who really knows his stuff. He has sorted me out and has helped me so much that I now feel ready to face the world and manage my life. Keep up the good work!!”

I was pretty happy with that testimonial until I spoke to Ellen again today.

To understand the magnitude of this story it is important to know that as part of our work with Dr Happiness we helped Ellen to identify that the 3 most important values in her life were:

1. To give back to society

2. To be creative

3. To be outdoors

At the time Ellen was working as a teaching assistant in a school and taking an expanding role running the school garden. Additionally she was also being asked to take more lessons and was able to do some of these lessons outside.

There was a lot there that fitted her values.

But in Ellen’s words she “had plenty of money but was too stressed and too ill to enjoy it.”

Her symptoms in her arm were aggravated by stress and is she had a stressful day at school her symptoms would threaten to re-appear regardless of how much work she was doing with the other doctors to reduce load in those areas.

Since she’s finished working with us Ellen had the opportunity to take voluntary redundancy – and leapt at it. She actually phoned me at the time because she couldn’t believe how enthusiastic she was about losing her job!

She had no real plans but knew the sort of life she wanted to create.

That was about 12 months ago.

Today she is a bundle of energy. I could feel the vibrancy coming down the phone.

She has just finished 3 months caring for her mother whilst she recovered from a hip replacement.

He has set up her own business making beautiful creations out of willow and running workshops to help people do it for themselves. Check it out at www.wackywillowcreations.co.uk .

She is involved in taking kids into the outdoors, camping and getting involved in outdoor pursuits, in fact she had just come back from taking 50 children camping for a week – I love camping but with 50 kids?????????

She is a respite foster carer – you have to ask her where the name for her business came from, it’s a lovely story.

And she is a utility warehouse distributor.

She has a lot going but has never felt so alive.

She is sleeping like a baby, full of energy and vitality and excited about what the future holds. So different from the woman who was suffering so much back in 2012.

And the reason for the call…….. she wanted reminding about how the body handles stress, just to make sure she was as healthy as she feels.

It’s only 10.30am but I’ve already had an awesome day.

If you, or someone you know, could do with feeling like Ellen you’re only a click away from starting the journey. There’s no commitment, just ask us the questions you really want to know the answer to.