Golf Conditioning Centre Memberships

Golf Conditioning Centre Memberships

The JT Ethos Golf Conditioning Centre is a brand new facility opened in August 2017 as part of the Staffordshire Performance Golf Centre at Calderfields Golf & County Club in Walsall, Birmingham.

Health, fitness, wellbeing and happiness are not difficult to achieve – in fact almost all of us come into this world with all of those things in abundance – but the approach does need to be personal.

Your plan needs to be about you and it should be about getting the results you want.

It is true that doing something is better than doing nothing BUT if your going to do something it may as well be the BEST thing you can do. Very few of us have so much spare time that we are happy to waste it doing the wrong thing in the gym.

This is the key driver behind the JT Ethos Golf Conditioning Centre.

Whilst we are based in the beautiful surroundings of one of Walsall’s best golf clubs and do have a focus on golf and golf conditioning we are open to all and welcome golfers and non-golfers alike.

For the golfers we want to make sure that your health and exercise efforts make a difference to your game.

For the non-golfers we want to know what matters to you and then help you build a programme that moves you towards it.


“Working with JT Ethos has been an excellent means of getting focused on personal specific goals. Achieving things that I had previously discounted as impossible / unattainable."

Carl, 52

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Membership Deals

Our memberships are simple and transparent. There is only 1 type of membership which gets you access to the full range of facilities within the centre. All new members get a full gym induction and a chance to personalise their usage to their goals and access to the monthly seminars to help boost your results even further.

The centre is open 7 days a week from 7am – 10pm.

Memberships are £25/m with an initial 3-month commitment and then a rolling 30-day contract. Payments are made by Direct Debit.

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