Who is Jim Thorp?

Jim Thorp is the Transformational Health Overhaul Specialist working with exceptionally driven and ambitious high performers to give them a level of health and performance that matches their success in other areas of life.


The JT Ethos brand is delivering high quality, bespoke rehabilitation and health overhaul programmes to people with a serious attitude towards their long-term health and wellbeing. JT Ethos delivers serious results over the course of 12 months or more that transforms the health and vitality of its clients and leaves them feeling better than they have in many years.

The Jim Thorp brand takes everything that JT Ethos achieves and delivers it in THREE months by exclusively utilising the skills and experience of the expert that built the success of JT Ethos. Jim Thorp delivers life-changing results through the application of decades of knowledge and experience drawing on all areas of his past from the RAF Regiment, through a decade of professional rugby union and then 15 years studying and applying the skills learnt at the CHEK Institute, the world’s leading corrective exercise and holistic health institute.


The programme will:

  1. Help you implement a performance focused diet & hydration strategy
  2. Transform your body by focusing on functional strength & fitness.
  3. Help you implement a rejuvenating rest, relaxation and lifestyle strategy

Which leaves the client:

  1. With super-charged energy, focus & concentration
  2. Pain-free, feeling fitter, stronger & healthier
  3. With mental and physical clarity all day everyday
  4. With a body that looks, feels and works like it is 5-10 years younger

The 1:1


  1. Dig into your current challenges – what are the things that have made you want to speak to me?
  2. Find out what you are doing or what you have done to try to address these up to now
  3. Identify why that actually matters – so what? What do you get if these things are sorted?
  4. Build a plan that you can take away to start your overhaul that day

You will leave with you own bespoke 4 doctors holistic fitness and wellbeing plan for maximum health & vitality that you can implement immediately

Client Avatar

Jim’s clients come from a very select group of people. Jim works with very small number of clients one to one and those clients are proven high achievers who have a drive and passion to be the best version of themselves in EVERY part of their life.

Jim’s clients are ambitious, genuine, authentic and open-minded individuals who understand that health has to be built not bought, but want the best possible kick-start. They are usually active people with a fierce desire to stay young and healthy.

They are CEOs, senior leaders, HR directors, lawyers, top-performing entrepreneurs or investors.

They have bodies that are ageing too quickly or have suffered during their pursuit of success. Their bodies are certainly not their best asset. They will have some niggles, probably a bad back and definitely have poor flexibility. They don’t have time, or don’t want, to piece it together themselves. They want it all in one place, delivered effectively in the shortest time possible.

For more detail email jimthorp@jtethos.com or call 0121 580 9598 now.