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Struggling with digestion discomfort? There are plenty of products which can help such as l-methylfolate 10 mg but it’s best to get professional advice on them. That’s where JT Ethos can help, as our team of expert holistic nutritionists can provide you with the simple steps and nutritional advice to start to overcome the stubborn symptoms of compromised digestion.

A New Philosophy for Birmingham on the importance of IBS & Digestive Disorders in Weight Loss, Health & Vitality

  • Have you struggled with your weight for years?
  • Do you suffer from abdominal swelling or foul-smelling gas or wind?
  • Are your bowel movements irregular, uncomfortable or smell radioactive?
  • Have you tried several different approaches with no real long-term success?
  • Do you also have other health concerns that don’t seem to be improving?
  • Are you finally ready to get it fixed?


Our client Andy whose recovery was kick-started by identifying a digestive disorder

Our client Andy whose recovery was kick-started by identifying a digestive disorder

If the answer to either of the last two questions is ‘NO’ please go straight to the bottom of the page.

If the answer to most of the questions is YES, particularly the last two, then welcome. You may well be about to start the rest of your life.**

Now, you may think this is a pretty bold statement to make, but it is representative of the crippling impact IBS and digestive disorders can have on you and the lives of others in Birmingham.

At JT Ethos we discovered the importance of real digestive health by witnessing the remarkable improvements in the results our back pain clients achieved after we added specific nutrition advice to their programmes. Since then our registered holistic nutritionists have added digestive health to the health and nutrition programme of every client we work with.

You see IBS and digestive disorders can be both the cause and an unwanted side effect of a wide variety of other health concerns and injuries.

Birmingham is blessed with many talented holistic health coach professionals in the fields of physiotherapy, joint injuries, weight loss, fatigue and sleep, but very few of them will link all of these areas together to make sure that they are not impacting on each other.

Knowing which types of foods trigger your IBS is key to finding an effective solution

Knowing which types of foods trigger your IBS is key to finding an effective solution

If you have tried several different approaches to address your problem, whether it be your weight, your swollen tummy, the fact that you clear a room when you go to the toilet or something else (which you and others may think is utterly unrelated) then you need to start joining the dots and seek expert holistic diet advice from a nutritional consultant.

As nutritional specialists, we encourage you to look at linking what’s going on inside your digestive system with conditions affecting other parts of your body.

You may not be regarded as having ‘clinical’ IBS or a medically proven digestive disorder, but that doesn’t mean your digestive system isn’t holding you back or contributing to your poor health. Speak to one of our nutritional consultants today and discover an expert nutrition programme or holistic diet that will get you ready to face everything the world can throw at you.

IBS food plan

A client’s food plan having removed foods that create IBS

All of the testimonials on this page are from clients in Birmingham who came to us with varying problems, but all saw huge leaps forward in their health when they improved their digestive disorders or IBS.**

That’s the benefit of our holistic approach to health. Our holistic nutritionists can attack your problem from many different angles and in doing so overcome the hurdles that have previously been too big.


** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

I answered NO

It’s not a problem that you answered no. It just mean that you are not ready to benefit from our specific nutrition programmes just yet. However, you are more than welcome to sign up to our mailing list in order to stay in touch with our holistic nutritionists. Alternatively, you will have to log JT Ethos in to your memory bank in case your quest for an effective solution that works for you is not successful.

Our programmes work brilliantly for people who are fully committed to ridding themselves of IBS & digestive disorders, or using improved digestive health as a springboard to overcome previously persistent injuries or health concerns. Birmingham has lots of good therapists that can look at individual areas of the body, but if you have not achieved your goal using these treatments then we provide Birmingham’s most complete and truly holistic approach to IBS, digestive disorders and the injuries and health concerns that they cause.


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“I suffered from severe IBS for almost a year which affected my personal life and business hugely. Doctors basically told me I'd have to live with it. Thankfully, Jim's a client of mine and following some assessments he suggested a few easy changes. I'm pleased to say I am now much happier and healthier AND symptom-free. I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Maribel, 40, Business Director

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

“I didn’t know if IBS was just a fad or something I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. But I knew my stomach was a mess. Within 4 days of starting my elimination diet I felt batter than I had done in years. I can’t believe it was that obvious to Jim & Ty.”

Ben Ebrey, 30, Farrier

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

“I was one of Jim’s back pain clients who needed better results. The physical programmes worked well enough but we both wanted more. The nutritional coaching has made a huge difference. My back pain is no longer chronic, it’s rare that I’m in pain now. I have lost a large amount of weight and have much more energy. I’d recommend them highly.”

Emma, 30, Occupational Therapist

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.