Having a positive outlook on life comes with many obvious benefits. Some are well known, such as reducing rates of depression, increased life span and a higher resistance to the common cold. But are you aware that being positive could also reduce physical pain, such as back pain?

How a Negative Mentality Causes More Pain

A large percentage of physical pain that you feel is actually in your head. The more you focus on the pain, the more it hurts. Have you ever noticed that you don’t feel as much pain when having a fun chat with your kids or your mates? That’s because you’re focusing on them, rather than your own pain.

However, pain isn’t purely physical. A large percentage of patients suffering pain described an emotional pain, too. Words such as anger, fear and anxiety were used to describe their feelings, and even depression, helplessness and loss of purpose. The problem is that this causes a negative cycle to occur. You feel bad about your pain so you stay home and sit on the sofa all day, which only furthers your problems and puts you into a worse mindset making you even less likely to go out.

The Key Is to Develop a Positive Mindset

The beautiful thing with being in a positive state of mind is that it has the very opposite effect to the negative cycle. When you feel positive about life, challenges you may encounter don’t faze you so much. Instead of complaining that your back hurts when deciding whether to go for a walk, try thinking about the beautiful sunny day and the gorgeous countryside you’ll be walking in. By focusing on the positives, you’re far less likely to feel that pain. The best part is that being active could potentially help to reduce your back problem so you’re able to do even more next time.

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