As a health practitioner, I’m very conscious of everything that goes into our bodies especially since having my eyes opened to how substances react in us – like vaccines – and how they affect the immune response. I’ve become increasingly aware that the ‘official’ advice is not always the best advice. Right at this very moment the truth about how wrong the official advice on diet has been for years is finally being made public – this has been common knowledge to many of us for years now!

When my children were born I was very unsettled about the whole issue of immunisations and try as I might I couldn’t find enough well balanced research for and against to allow me to make an enlightened choice. That’s why I’m so glad that a group of health experts have come together to give you the Cliff’s Notes version (do these still exist?!?) on the Truth About Vaccines.  I’m really excited about this resource as it will clear up confusion and save you so much time so that you won’t be in the position I was in.

After watching it, you’ll be armed with research and the questions to ask your doctor as well as with a better understanding of the pharmaceutical industry and new legislation that may affect your ability to make health care choices for yourself. I’m expecting it be America-focussed but that’s OK. Unfortunately wherever America goes we tend to follow. Plus the big pharmaceuticals are international companies so we can’t ignore whats going on outside of the UK.

If you’ve ever wondered if the flu shot was right for you or your child or how a vaccination can affect autoimmunity, I encourage you to watch this FREE series.

Some of my favourite experts like Dr. Kelly Brogan, Sayer Ji and Terry Wahls will be discussing vaccine safety, efficacy and how they impact your health. I can’t wait to watch this docu-series to see what else I can learn. When it comes to my family and what we’re putting in our bodies, being well-informed is my priority.

Now, I know that vaccines can be a really touchy subject. What’s most important is that you do what’s right for you and your family based on your research and your unique health needs. No one is wrong here and everyone wants what is best for their family. But I do think it’s very important to be informed when it comes to what you eat or inject into your body; especially because there is a lot of legislation out there that may force you or your child to get a vaccine you’re not comfortable with or that hasn’t been researched thoroughly enough. What really excites me about this series is that you can follow up on whatever you hear in it. If a speaker says something that flies in the face of what your doctor said, well now you’ll be armed with the right questions so you can research it yourself.

As with anything, I don’t think you should blindly accept anyone’s information as fact – not your doctor’s, not the pharmaceutical industry’s, not another expert’s and not mine. Don’t hand your health care over to anyone else. You are the only one in your body so if you have questions or doubt someone’s opinion, take action and research it yourself. Please don’t blindly follow anyone’s suggestions.

I kinda can’t wait for this series as I heard it took months and months of care, attention and energy to edit each part of it. And it’s supposed to be stunning. You can watch it for FREE from January 10th-18th. Go ahead and register for this informative and important series now by CLICKING HERE.

I’ll be watching right along with you…


P.S. This series on vaccine efficacy, safety and affects starts TOMORROW! Watch it by clicking here.