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Impactful Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace  

The Covid-19 pandemic gave us all many things, it changed so much, often forever. AT JT Ethos it gave us time to think. To think about what we were doing, what we could help people with and how could we deliver that better. 
We had been helping clients on a 1:1 basis for nearly 20 years and delivering dramatic improvements in health, rehabilitation and wellness across a broad section of issues. 
But with time to think we realised that our 90% success rate was built primarily on good solid basics. Accurate information, tailored to the individual and delivered in a way that meant it could be implemented. 
The end result was that IT MADE A DIFFERENCE! 
We built an online programme, our Rocket Fuelled Health Kick, to see if we could replicate those results to a group and deliver it remotely - and we could. 
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“Health & wellbeing has gotten way too complicated and no one approach will engage all your staff. The 4 Doctors programme will educate, motivate and engage you workforce” 
Get the basics right and everything else follows - quickly & powerfully 
"The average ROI on wellbeing is 5:1" 

About Our 4 Doctors of Wellbeing Programme 

Real health, sustainable energy and wellbeing may seem an impossible dream to many. But that is because they are putting all their efforts into too few areas - and usually the wrong ones. Hippocrates knew hundreds of years ago that balance was the key to human health and it's no different today. Our 4 Doctors of Wellbeing Programme is designed to give your workforce a sustainable uplift to their health and wellbeing - to help them create balance. 
We work with you and your employees to develop a programme that provides opportunities to experience a wide variety of approaches that can improve a person’s health and wellbeing. We look to make each session engaging, a little educational and also give the participants a chance to continue outside of the session. 
The first half of the programme is very much full of taster experiences and the second half is all about action, encouraging each person to commit to something and supporting them to make it happen, to make it a habit. 
What’s Involved 
Our 4 Doctors Wellbeing programme is a fixed term programme (usually 6 or 12 months) that is tailored to fit the needs of each company usually including: 
Monthly seminars to educate and experience, 
Monthly newsletters with extra insight and links to resources, 
Opportunity for 1:1 work if required, 
Each workshop delivered by a specialist in that area, 
Halfway point brainstorm, 
Personal Action Plan delivered for each employee 
The programme is delivered by a team of specialists, therapists and coaches from a range of disciplines who each have decades worth of experience. 

Key Elements 

Dr Diet 
Your Diet forms the cornerstone of every cell in your body. You literally ARE what you eat. Our health & vitality is constantly under attack from the majority of the foods that we eat on a day to day basis – sugar, refined flour, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine to name but a few. 
Dr Movement 
Movement is life, it is vital that you move your body each and every day but also that you do something that you enjoy. Remember that your body is between 60 &75% water and water that doesn’t flow stagnates & smells. Note that it is Dr Movement not Dr Exercise. 
Dr Quiet 
Rest, relaxation & rejuvenation are essential. That is not just resting the body, but the mind too. An overworked mind can totally destroy any progress that the body is trying to make. 
Dr Happiness 
The Boss! It doesn't matter what any of the others are trying to do if Dr Happiness isn’t at the party the body is going nowhere fast. Open your eyes to things that really matter to you. 

Who Is It For?  Our 4 Doctors Wellbeing Programme is for any company that wants to take a tailored, pro-active approach to the Health & Wellbeing of their staff.  It is for companies that don’t want a tick box exercise, that don’t want to provide something that will get minimal buy-in.  It is for companies that want to make a difference and make a lasting difference to the health and wellbeing of their workforce. 

Potential Workshops 
Equal But Not the Same - Health & Wellbeing for Women 
The Menopause - What’s happening & what can I do about it? 
Work-Life Balance - What does that look like and how to achieve it 
Sleep Like A Baby - Top 10 tips for a good night’s sleep 
Goal Setting - Isn’t that just for the boss? 
Meditation & Mindfulness - What’s that all about???? 
The Many Faces Stress - THE most damaging aspect of life 
Diabetes - The biggest threat to our nation's health 
Financial Wellbeing - Understanding your relationship with money 
What Should I Be Eating - Simple steps to improve your diet 
How Do I Secure My Mental Health? - The basics, the warning signs and the action plan 
Digital Wellbeing - The impact of technology on health 
Other Options - Yoga, dance, walk & talk, lunchtime cook along 
“Our people are our greatest asset, and we recognize that a healthy, happy and committed workforce is vital to our business success.” 
Alex Gourlay, MD, Boots UK 
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