Time is precious, you’ve got about 5 things to do with every chuck of time you can identify.

Getting to the gym is important to you but it’s really difficult to make the time regularly, too many other demands pulling you in different directions.

So why on earth would you waste your precious time when you’re actually there?

Last week I made my first trip into a gym in about 2 years. It’s not that I haven’t been exercising in that time, just that I’ve been doing it anywhere other than a gym. Because going to a gym just annoys me.

I hate the rows and rows of machines.

I hate the lines of CV equipment.

I hate the new-fangled latest fad piece of equipment that everyone queues up for and almost no-one actually uses correctly.

I hate the conversations about ‘what you’ve trained today’.

And I despise seeing pathetic exercise programmes with no focus and no specificity.

That said:

I kind of like the lads posturing in the mirror – it makes me laugh.

I love to see the joy on people’s faces as the endorphins kick in and hear the stories about how people have transformed their lives – I just wish more of the members could tell that story.

I love seeing the staff passing on their love of health and exercise and their positivity.

But the biggest thing that stuck out for me was the sheer number of people sat down. Why would you go to the gym and sit down?

Do we not spend enough time each and everyday sat down?

And which ever way you look at it sitting on your arse in the gym is a waste of time.

If you’re using the bike as your CV weapon of choice – then you’re taking the easy option. The bike is the least demanding of all the choices you have so choose something different, something more demanding and get the same result in less time.

If you’re using fixed weight machines and are sat down to do so – then please god get into the 21st century. Unless you are training to become a competitive bodybuilder there is absolutely no muscle that needs to be trained sat on your arse.

If you are training for general health and wellbeing, even sports up to the semi-professional level, then you really should have said goodbye to fixed machine weight training years ago.

And if you’re simply sat down in between bouts of exercise then stand up and get on with it. Rest periods should be between 30 & 90 seconds depending on the muscles adaptation that you are targeting.

The vast majority of gym users take far too long between sets and so lose the majority of the training effect they are after.

Time in the gym can have many varying benefits but when time is precious please don’t waste it sitting down.

Get your gym routine ship shape, dynamic and totally focussed on the goals that you’re after. Pack in as much as you can, get the most out of the time you can spare and get out again feeling on top of the world.

In health and happiness,