Identify and Resolve the Causes of

Poor Sleep Quality

Putting Birmingham to Sleep.

Why you won’t find a permanent solution in a pill.

  • Have you forgotten the last time you slept well?
  • Do you wake up consistently in the night?
  • Do you long for a whole night of deep refreshing sleep?
  • Have you tried various other tablets and remedies with no long term success?
  • Do you also have other health concerns that don’t seem to be improving?
  • Are you finally ready to get it fixed?

If the answer to either of the last 2 questions is ‘NO’ please go straight to the bottom of the page.

If the answer to most of the questions is YES, particularly BOTH of the last 2 then welcome. You may well be about to start the rest of your life.

Anyone who has had young children knows what sleep deprivation can do, but kids grow up and then you can’t get them out of bed!

Long-term sleep problems don’t grow up, they don’t disappear when they leave home.

Long-term sleep problems impact on all sorts of areas of the body. Sleep is essential to allowing the body to recover both physically and mentally EVERY night. Without a full recovery each night you wake up the next day just a little bit less healthy than the day before.

Repeat that regularly and you’re in trouble.

Sleeping like a baby helped Mary stay injury free whilst training for her big goal of the year.

Sleeping like a baby helped Mary stay injury free whilst training for her big goal of the year.

Check out Mary’s story

Mary was unable to sleep through the night when she first visited us. As a result she was going to bed later and later and feeling more and more tired each morning. She was also having to work harder and harder to maintain her fitness and exercise levels.

Lack of sleep can contribute to pretty much any of the issues that we have listed in our services pages. Everything from chronic fatigue and tiredness through to an inability to recover from injuries. We have seen numerous cases where a client was hindering their own recovery because they weren’t getting enough sleep.

However if you struggle to go to sleep and then stay asleep, merely saying go to bed is not particularly helpful.

But the number of things that impact your sleep is equally wide and varied. Everything from what you eat and when; what drinks you consume throughout the day; your activities before bed; the room you sleep in; your finances; your relationships; your exercise regime (or lack of it) are all things that can contribute to a bad night sleep.

If you haven’t looked at these things you may well be overlooking the major cause of your sleepless nights.

As with many people Mary and her GP had run lots of tests, investigated whether it was side-effect of the menopause, tried lots of mainstream and some alternative approaches with varying degrees of success. It felt to Mary as if she had scoured Birmingham for a solution.

Birmingham is well blessed with many talented professionals in the fields of nutrition, medicine, sleep and fatigue but very few of them will link all of these areas together to make sure that they are not impacting on each other.

Mary adopted all of our recommendations with gusto but actually only saw modest improvements in her sleep.


Quality sleep doesn’t have to be just for babies.

Quality sleep doesn’t have to be just for babies.

She swapped her food round and started to seriously consider the impact of stress in her life.

And Bingo – Sleep time.

Mary then found that she could have as much sleep as she wanted each and every night as long as she worked in harmony with her body. **

In addition Mary’s hot flushes improved and eventually disappeared, she lost weight and was able to start exercising again without being concerned with injuries.**


** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another

I answered NO.

It’s not a problem to us that you answered no but it does mean that you’re not ready to come and work with us yet. You are very welcome to sign up to our mailing list to stay in touch or simply log us in your memory bank in case your quest to find a solution that works for you is not successful.

Our programmes work brilliantly for people who are fully committed to achieving a good night sleep each and every night. We ask for full commitment from our clients and from that grows fantastic results. Without it, the process becomes painful. Birmingham has lots of good therapists that can look at less holistic options, but if you have not achieved your goal using these treatments then we provide Birmingham’s most complete and truly holistic approach to poor sleep quality and the injuries and health concerns that it can cause.


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“Sleeping all night again has been vital in helping me to achieve a full recovery from the injuries I’d struggled with for years.”

Peter, Student, 22

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

“I hadn’t been to bed in 6 years, just cat-napping for a few hours each night. Within 4 weeks of starting with Jim & Ty I was in bed and sleeping for longer than I had in years. There is hope after all!!”

Eunice, Administrator, 59

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

“I’d tried so many different things to get a good night sleep, but now I’ve got it nailed. I know exactly what to do to sleep well.”

Mary, Accounts Clerk, 56

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.