Don’t Risk it all like Hannah…

Hannah was in a bad way. Having trained really hard and built up her mileage carefully she found that with a month to go until 2015’s Birmingham Half Marathon she was really struggling with the tightness in her legs.

Andy was a broken man before he came to us. Sports massage played a crucial role in getting him back running.

Andy was a broken man before he came to us. Sports massage played a crucial role in getting him back running.

She adapted her training plans, took more days off, reduced her mileage. But it kept getting worse! Hannah had been really diligent. She’d spent time planning her training runs, had tweaked her diet to give her more energy, had bought some new trainers and worn them in properly. She’d done a lot, but like a lot of people who aren’t serious 12 months a year runners, she wasn’t aware just how much she was going to ask of her body, and she didn’t realise sports massage was so important. 13 days before the event she had to stop her long run after less than 2 miles because of the pain in her legs.

Panic time.

With amazing luck we bumped into each other 9 days before the event, had some spare time and got her on the couch. We knew just what to do to make them better! It was touch and go and I was worried that she wouldn’t make it. She made it – just. But didn’t run well and quite frankly it was all utterly unnecessary. Had she factored in even just 1 massage a month for the previous month or 2 she would never have been in that situation. You may not know that massage is important to your preparation. You may not think that you’re “good enough”, that it’s only for the professionals. It’s not. If you’re planning on doing any physical activity then you’re going to want to ensure you get a massage on a regular basis. We opted to try So Heavenly Massage for free today as this was a promotion not to miss!

Massage prevents injury, it speeds up recovery and it improves performance. It’s arguably as important as your trainers – and you wouldn’t think of running without trainers would you?

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Here’s how we know it really works…

“The sports massages I had before last year’s London Marathon made a real difference. It meant that I could hit all my training targets in the run up to the big day.”

Erica, 34, Solicitor

“Regular sports massages are important to help recovery after hard training sessions and racing.”

Ute, 48, Ultra Distance Runner

Mark benefiting from the “speedy, long-lasting results” of his sports massages

“For me it is all about results, and the results have been speedy and long-lasting.”

Mark, 43, Director


What’s the offer? Half price massages to help get you to the start line in the best shape possible and injury free!

JakeWe don’t want you to end up like Hannah. We want you to hit the start line in the best shape possible, fully ready to give your all to completing the event. Therefore we are offering you half price sports massages to support your efforts in any event in aid of any registered charity. At just £25 for a full hour massage it represents real value to your preparation.

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“Just to let you know I finished Virgin London Marathon in 4 hours 56 minutes. I ran 22 miles before adopting a walk/run strategy to the end. I had no calf pain either during or after the run which I put down to the massages I had prior to the run. I had the best run out of all my training runs, easier than two 18 milers I did. Although my hip has been stiff, I haven't had any pains in my legs and didn't need to do the reversing downstairs backwards trick that I have done on previous marathons. Many thanks for being part of my preparation, I really think it did make all the difference.”

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Vanessa Brown

There is no limit to the number of massages you can have, we are open 6 days a week and will also happily use our expertise to assist you with any aspect of your preparation if you wish. We want you to hit the start line having trained well, injury free and fully prepared so that you can achieve your goal and raise as much money as possible.