Greg Ford

This Month we are delighted to announce Greg Ford as our client of the month for August 2016.

Greg has only been with us a short amount of time, 3 months in fact. However his determination to get to the root cause of a problem that has plagued him for numerous years has provided some excellent results early on into his programme. Greg came to see us with the main aim of ‘fixing’ his bad back. He also wasn’t sleeping very well and was experiencing severe headaches daily.

Like many of our clients he had been to numerous physios, chiropractors, osteopaths and doctors who all failed to get rid of the pain and reduce the headaches.

After meeting at a local networking event Greg decided to book an initial consultation with us. He liked our approach and believed it was “Something different, that he had not tried before”. Our initial consultation is our way of finding out if people are really serious about their health and vitality. We knew straight away that Greg was becoming frustrated with his back and would put 100% effort and commitment into rectifying the problem. These types of clients are always the best to work with.

The initial consultation flagged up a lot of postural issues, to be expected with the job Greg does. (Lots of driving, sitting at a desk etc). This can be changed with a simple corrective stretch and mobilisation programme. The headaches however could have been driven by numerous things, such as diet, stress, eye problems and muscular tightness. The first port of call for us when dealing with headaches however is to look at the Atlas vertebrae. The Atlas vertebrae is the first cervical (Neck) vertebrae and the head sits on top of it like a pivot. Any misalignment in the atlas can cause Dizziness, Jaw pain, sinusitis, Pain and HEADACHES. Among other things. We performed an Atlas correction on Greg.

literally just like that his headaches had all but disappeared

Dr Movement then was pretty much covered then, now it was time to look at Dr Diet. Greg’s Diet wasn’t too bad when he came to see us, however as one of his goals was to lose weight and come down to 10-15% body fat we looked at ways in which we could improve what he was eating. With all our clients we stress the importance of eating real, fresh food. Foods which have not been genetically altered, or pumped full of preservatives. We also look to our clients to try a month Gluten and dairy free. It is astonishing the effect gluten can have on a person’s body, even if you are not coeliac you can still have a slight intolerance to gluten. You can fall anywhere on the continuum below:

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 10.31.16

Therefore although we initially ask for a month of Gluten and dairy the results are so drastic (weight loss, inches around waist lost, skin clear, clear head, more focused) that they choose to remain gluten free at least 80% of the time from then on.

Greg was one of those guys, Dr Diet worked so well for him that he has decided to become gluten and dairy free completely. He cooks most nights and eats fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The results for Greg have been fantastic in this short amount of time.

His back pain is virtually gone, his headaches have disappeared, he has lost nearly a stone in weight and he is more focused at work and at home. Fantastic!

He has now had to set new goals which he hopes to achieve in his next 3 months, and we look forward to helping them achieve those as well.

Well done Greg!

"It is such a relief to have finally found a solution for my back pain and headaches!.”