Andrew Slater

We are delighted to announce our February client of the month…….

Andrew Slater

Andrew came to us after going through difficult times over the past 5 years, including a divorce, not seeing his daughter and unemployment. Andrew recognised that he needed professional help and support both mentally and physically.

We talked about all the things Andrew had been through and put a plan in place to boost both body and mind. We actually started by getting him eating better, boosting his energy levels, mental clarity and ability to focus on the important things. We then started to unpick the events of the last 5 years and teach him some core skills to help manage how these things affected him. These are skills that, once implemented, can be used not just today or next week but for the rest of his life.

Andrew has found his time with us to be a big learning curve where he has learned a lot about himself. He now watches what he eats (indeed he actually cooks meals from scratch), has lost weight, undertakes regular exercise and mentally is almost a new person. He has a calmness, inner strength and an ability to deal with unpleasant stress that he never thought possible. With our help, he has put building blocks in place to enable him to move forward in life. He feels he can now look to the future rather than just taking one day at a time.

Andrew knows his future is in his hands, dependent on the way he acts, behaves and looks after himself. Our next step is to improve his physical body, improving his posture, his flexibility, his strength and his fitness. We may even get his handicap down! We’ll do all of this whilst still practising the core skills we have taught him so far.

It has been an absolute joy to working with Andrew and seeing him now able to deal with things that previously would have floored him. If he carries on the way he has been doing, we have no doubt that he will achieve all his aims.


Well done Andrew.

“It feels great to have a new approach to life. Eating healthily, exercise and mental strength all go hand in hand to complete the package.”