Patrick Geary

This Month we are delighted to announce Patrick Geary as our client of the month for July 2016.

Patrick has been with us for just over two years now and like a lot of our clients came to work with us after being recommended by a friend who we had helped in the past. He initially came to see us with a plethora of health concerns ranging from chest pain to pretty hard core inflexibility and on to low energy levels. The Holistic approach that we undertake here at JT Ethos was something that Patrick had never tried before, he was tired of taking medication which then had side effects that needed even more medication.

As with all our clients the first thing we do is our completely free initial consultation, this helps the prospective client decide if we are right for them but also helps us decide if they are right for us. In order to truly realise the goals we require commitment. Patrick had a lot to work on but had a willingness to learn and turn his life around.

From the initial consultation we realised that Dr. Happiness and Dr. Quiet were the two major hurdles to get over with Patrick first. Dealing with an extremely stressful job was overflowing into his home life and causing extra stress that he didn’t need. The first couple of months then was looking at what Patrick wanted from his life, creating vision boards (Cut out pictures of specific goals/dreams you have. Stuck up somewhere where you see them every day). We looked at stress management techniques such as meditation, breathing, a gratitude diary (write down one thing each day that you are grateful for), spending time doing things he enjoys and looking at sleep patterns. All simple things but when done properly and often they can have a profound effect on the mind-set and wellbeing of an individual.

A lack of energy was also a concern for Patrick when he came to work with us. Working on sleep patterns definitely helped with this, however to have any dramatic increase we needed to look at Dr Diet. Patrick’s Diet was shall we say… lax. He wasn’t eating massive amounts but there was a lot of snacking and a lot of empty calories (foods which have calorific value – but do not nourish the body). We introduced a month trial of gluten and dairy free and challenged Patrick to eat fresh food.

We have a basic rule – if you look at the ingredients of an item and can’t pronounce a word, put the item back down.

2 months later Patrick had lost over a stone, he was doing a lot more to counteract his stressful job and that in turn was having a massive effect on his home life. He was feeling and looking a lot more positive and it was fantastic to see. There was still a lot of work to be done but in 2 months he had made excellent progress. It was time then to look at is fitness goals. Patrick had stated that he felt out of shape and wanted to use his new found energy to get fitter.

Dr. Movement was next then. Before a client of ours can get ‘fitter’ they have to build enough foundations for their body to handle the added pressures of Weight training, running etc. To do this we refer to our initial assessment, here we create a corrective stretching and strengthening programme which balances out the body and promotes good posture. We do this by stretching the tight and short muscles and strengthening the long and weak muscles. We got Patrick on his specific programme and he would probably tell you it was the hardest part for him. However he gave his everything in every session and has started to do more and more at home.

Fast forward 2 years and Patrick is a different person than the one who first came through the door.

He still has his moments but he is a much more positive person. He is married with a new job and feels in a good place. Physically he is at his lowest weight for a very long time although he still has too many snacks!! (80/20 rule). He is still working with us not because he hasn’t reached his initial goals but because now he has new goals and he believes that together we can achieve them. We are extremely proud to call Patrick our Client of the month. Fully Deserved!!

Well done Patrick!!

"I am now with the help of JT Ethos starting to feel in control of my life.”