Carl Bedward

This Month we are delighted to announce Carl Bedward as our client of the month for June 2016.

Carl is another one of clients that we have seen for many years. Not because we didn’t get to the root cause of his initial problem and fix it but because he values our expertise and guidance. Carl initially came to us having recently (<6 months) undergone surgery on his back for two prolapsed discs. A keen gym goer Carl was unable to run or participate in weight bearing activities as his back would end up in a lot of discomfort. The pain would then last a few days and repeat itself whenever he tried those activities again. Carls main reason for coming to work with us, therefore, was to find a solution once and for all for his back pain. He also had a secondary goal that we agreed to help him achieve, one that we have used with a lot of our clients since.

“To be fitter at 50 than at 40”

Core conditioning is at the root of everything we do here at JT Ethos. Every movement we do starts first at the core. A weak core causes faulty posture, inability to move in the most efficient way and specific to Carl an inability to stabilise the body causing back pain. Our initial assessment highlighted Carl’s inability to activate his core properly. Which meant that a lot of pressure and strain was going through his back causing a lot of the discomfort he felt. (Perhaps his 2 prolapsed discs as well). The initial assessment also flagged that his spinal mobility was very limited. Especially when extending. This could be attributed to his job. Sitting on a computer =Rounded shoulders, shortened pec major/minor etc. Dr. Movement then was simple, we wrote Carl up a corrective stretch programme to deal with those issues and a corrective exercise programme that would strengthen his back and teach him how to activate his deep core stabiliser muscles.

Dr. Diet was next. Carl came to us with moderate digestive issues. At least once a week he would get abdominal pain, cramps and indigestion. This was also hindering his main goal of “being fitter at 50 than at 40”. To this day Carl is the best client we have ever dealt with in terms of the Dr. Diet side of things. He completely stripped dairy and gluten out of his diet. He sold his microwave (Any food microwaved resembles plastic rather than food when looked under a microscope) and he stuck to REAL food. A tip we use atJT Ethos is if you can’t pronounce an ingredient on the label – stay away from it!

We had no issues with Dr. happiness (he already knew his true win, and was determined to get there) and Dr. quiet (He was getting to bed on time, spending enough time doing the things he enjoyed). 3 MONTHS later the progress was fantastic. Because of the corrective stretch/exercise programme his spinal mobility was improving and his ability to activate his deep core stabiliser muscles which meant the pain his back had significantly reduced, he had lost half a stone and although still there his stomach problems were nowhere near as regular (5 times in 3 months).

Fast forward 3 years and Carl has just turned 50. And guess what… He is Fitter now than he has ever been.

Dr. Diet is great. Fresh, real food. Dr. happiness has been completed now a new goal must be set! Dr. quiet is still going strong. Dr. Movement, however, is where the big changes have happened. His Back is pain-free, his flexibility and movement patterns have never been better and he has lost just under 2 stone since he started.. and maintained it! He has recently completed personal bests on the squat (120kg) and the deadlift (130kg). Both of which he wouldn’t have dreamed of even trying due to his back.

We at JT Ethos are proud to say that Carl Bedward is our client of the month for June!

Well done Carl!!

"Future goals are to maintain fitness level and gain in strength wherever possible!”