Lynn Middleton

We are delighted to announce this March’s client of the month as…..Lynn Middleton!

Lynn started with us 3 months ago with a plethora of health issues. She had had 2 surgeries leaving her feeling weak, anxious, stressed and with the belief that she would never feel ‘normal’ again. She had tried changing her diet, Supplements even herbal remedies. The feeling of ‘emptiness’ would just not go away.

Her husband was a client of ours, he was receiving treatment for persistent tennis elbow and because he knew of our whole body and mind approach he recommended Lynn come in for a chat and see if there was a way that we could help her. It was a real ‘What have you got to lose conversation’

Two surgeries had left Lynn feeling hollow, this was her last chance to lead a ‘normal’ life again.

Our initial assessment flagged up some postural issues and we got to work on her breathing mechanics which were very bad at the time. So Dr Movement played its part in the early stages.

Dr Diet also had a role to play, we got her eating fresh food. Foods that gave her energy rather than sapping it. We also got her greatly increasing her water consumption. Which again is vital for so many reasons including fighting fatigue, maintain the body’s balance of bodily fluids but For Lynn Aesthetic reasons also came into play, Making your skin glow, making your hair shiny. Things that would make her feel good about herself again. This was vital.

Although we knew Dr Quiet and Dr Happiness were the game changers for Lynn. It was important to work through the whole 4 doctors. 

We knew after our first meeting that Dr Quiet and Dr Happiness where the 2 big areas we needed to work on with Lynn. We went through the whole works, Sleep, Stress management, Dreams, Confidence building, Positive self talk, Yoga, Vision Boards etc… the whole shebang. Low and behold every week Lynn came in she started to look better and better and better.

Lynn was transforming before our very eyes, gone was the anxious, depressed woman we saw on our first meeting. now she confident and happy. Closer to the woman she once was.

Lynn is not the same person we saw when she first walked through that door. Her confidence is coming back, there is a smile on her face again, and its great to see.

There is still lots to do, Her breathing mechanics are still a work in progress and we will start to introduce Dr Movement into her programme a little bit more. However we are absolutely delighted with the progress she has made so far.

Lynn is well on her way to her dream. She has worked extremely hard these past 4 months. Some of it has been hard, there has been tears. But the results are great to see. We are very proud. 

Well done Lynn! You are our client of the month for March.


"My biggest improvement is my mental strength, through stress management to learning how to breathe correctly I feel like myself again.”