We are delighted to announce May’s client of the month as….. Stef!

Stef originally came to work with us 9 years ago due to a plantar fasciitis issue. She had visited numerous physios and GP’s and was told that surgery would be the only answer she refused to believe this and eventually stumbled across us here at JT Ethos. Our whole body approach was different to what she had experienced before. She liked that we looked at the bigger picture and just because the pain was in her heel/foot doesn’t mean that was where the problem was.

“Jim was the only person to try and find the answer by looking at the buyer picture not just where the rain was manifesting”

Our initial assessment flagged up some postural issues as to be expected, however there was also a lot of stress and nutritional problems that had to be sorted before the plantar fasciitis could be completely overcome. The body summates stressors. Our body’s simple know stress or no stress. There is little to no differentiation between the stressors of a physical injury, a poor night’s sleep, a poor diet, an empty bank account or a destructive relationship. All of those things add load onto the body. All raise cortisol levels.

Dr Quiet/Dr Happiness and Dr Diet therefore became our priority.

The first thing we looked at with Stef was her diet. We had her complete an elimination diet to rid her of any inflammation of the gut. No gluten or dairy for 1 month. We also has her complete an allergy pulse test which is a real simple test that measures your heart rate against food that’s you eat. When you are allergic or intolerant to something it causes a stress response in the body. This is turn raises your pulse. By eliminating all the foods Stef was intolerant to we reduced the amount of stress her diet was causing on her body. Step one complete.

We then looked at others stressors on her body in particular sleep (Dr. Quiet). Stef being a new mom at the time wasn’t getting nearly enough sleep. This was then carrying over physical and emotional stress to the next day when the cycle would start all over again. It was important then that Stef got to bed between the times of 10/10/30pm. As long as she was getting to bed during those times 80% of the time her stress load from sleep would also be greatly reduced.

The next area we looked at was Stef’s I values and Dr Happiness. We used vision boards, goal setting and positive reinforcement to make sure that she always remained true to her values and set herself realistic targets to achieve this.

Once all these Dr’s had been addressed we moved onto the final challenge. Dr Movement.

There would have been no point working to fix her plantar fasciitis without first laying down some solid foundations.

Dr Movement was a simple case of corrective exercise – Stretch the tight muscles and strengthen the long and weak muscles. Within 2 months Stef was completely pain free. 9 years later she is still working with us. Not because we didn’t fix the original problem but because she likes having somebody holding her accountable for her actions other than herself. We are here to help her stay true to her own values.

Stef has been doing fantastically well, we know that with the knowledge she has acquired though working with us that she could go away and live her life the way she wants to live it with no problems. We are delighted however that she conitinues to work with us and we are also delighted to say that Stef is our client of the month for June!

Well Done Stef!!


"Future goals are to continue to look after my health and restrict times when I do fall of the horse, both physically and nutritionally!.”