Rob Robbins

Today we are delighted to announce Rob Robbins as our client of the month for November.

Rob came to us with a couple of persistent ‘little niggles’ (lower back being one) but also with an overall feeling that his body was changing as he got older and he neither understood enough about how to look after it nor had confidence that what he was doing would have the required effect. Rob wanted some improvements in a few areas which was why the holistic nature of our programmes appealed. In his words:

“Looking to get into better condition, flexibility, core strength. Lose a bit of weight, lose the tummy, gain more energy and alertness. Do the right things, not just what i think is right”, he also “wanted a plan to work to that is tailored to me. That I can understand, believe in and work to with confidence”. Finally, Rob wanted to make changes that he could benefit from for the remainder of his life.

Rob is a naturally positive and outgoing person and wanted to make sure that his body would allow him to live a positive, outgoing and fulfilled life for many years to come. His hobbies include golf, most sports, cooking and trying new places and having a diary that has great things to do in it. He took a bit of time to come on board with us during which he spoke to a couple of current clients to get their take on the experience of working with us.

Rob’s work with us has been slow, steady and deliberate, largely through his own choice, but the big benefit of this is that he has really embedded the habits required to sustain his current health and vibrancy.

Well done Rob! You are our client of the month!!

"My goals were to improve my lower back issue, get more flexibility into my body, start strengthening my core and sort out my diet. I feels it has taken longer than anticipated but that is a good thing. All has been achieved is now part of my daily life.”

Rob Robbins