We are delighted to announce of client of the month for October as Jenny!

Jenny has been with us for a couple of years now after initially being a client of Jim’s running club many many moons ago. An active person in the past Jenny had been plagued by a plethora of injuries which was stopping her living the life she wanted to live. The final straw was a back injury that not only affected her participating in sports but had also started to hinder her work and home life. A new mother, Jenny was struggling to even pick up her baby boy. I can still remember the call to this day, one cold December day when she finally accepted she wanted to do something different.

There are numerous reasons why a person can be plagued by injuries, such as faulty movement patterns, faulty biomechanics, unaddressed compensatory patterns from previous injuries, diet & lifestyle and rehabilitation programmes that focus on the symptoms not the cause.  With the number of previous injuries Jenny picked up in her crazily active younger years she was merely moving from one old injury to the next, never being able to put any of them behind her.  She needed some better foundations so that her body was capable of handling the stress she wanted to place upon it.

Though we immediately looked at all 4 doctors, Dr Movement was the first port of call.

We created a corrective stretching and mobilisation programme that addressed all of the muscular imbalances in her body. Exercise-wise we had to go back to basics. To get the solid foundations we wanted we had to go right to the core. Core stability and core function are the bedrock of what we do at JT Ethos. We are not talking about sit ups and getting washboard abs (sit ups are one of the worst exercises you can do) we are talking much deeper than that. In fact the deepest muscle in the core, the Transverse Abdominus (TVA). The TVA attaches to your spine and wraps around your stomach to provide protection and stability. It acts as your own human weight belt and protects the back when lifting. However, like most muscles it needs to be trained and ‘activated’. The exercise section of Jenny’s programme then was to learn how to activate the TVA in a whole variety of positions (standing, seated, lying down etc.).

We also looked at strengthening Jenny’s primal pattern movements. 6 functional movements that are fundamental for everyday life.

  1. Squatting
  2. Lunging
  3. Pushing
  4. Pulling
  5. Bending
  6. Twisting

After 2 months working with Dr. Movement Jenny’s back was feeling better than it had in years! After assessing Jenny’s diet we only needed to recommend a few changes (eating more fresh food particularly healthy fats) but they made all the difference. Which then left us to look at Dr. Quiet and Dr. Happiness. Sleep was a big issue for Jenny. Her young son took a while to get into a good routine (anyone else a member of that club???) and both Jenny and her husband work long and sometimes irregular hours.  The net result was that Jenny needed sleep. We established the many different reasons why sleep was so important to her and helped her see how her lack of sleep was severely limiting her ability to exercise and recover the way she wanted. Once we’d done that it was time to brainstorm as many different ideas as we could about how we could help her get more sleep.

I’ll swear that she has said thinking of our conversations was the best remedy!!

It’s always difficult in these situations but communication is key!  When it seems like nothing is working sometimes just talking it through helps to lighten the load.

A couple of years down the line and Jenny is awesome; working hard towards her goals, she is managing her back pain and now knows what makes her body work and what doesn’t. Her approach to health, wellbeing and fitness has changed and whilst she is back enjoying sport and running, all of which she couldn’t do before she came to work with us, it is no longer her only marker of success.

Since getting her back to regular exercise her posture and flexibility have improved, she’s lost the (small) amount of extra weight she had after having her son and he regained a fair bit of her muscle tome.  It’s fantastic to hear her say that it’s also boosted her self-esteem.

Sleep is still an occasional battle, but it is much improved from before. On the whole Jenny is a lot more aware of her body, she has made fantastic progress and is working hard to keep moving forward.

We are delighted to announce Jenny as our client of the month!! Congratulations.

"It does give you that lift and you feel better in yourself; and that shines through when other people see you. You feel good about yourself and it's nice to have the feeling you achieved a goal.”