Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

Leading Corrective Exercise Specialists Birmingham  

Welcome to JT Ethos where you can find the finest corrective exercise specialists in Birmingham 
Whether you are suffering from poor posture, low back pain, tennis elbow or sciatica, our corrective exercise trainers can tailor a personal corrective exercise plan that will have you loving life again**. Through the right corrective exercises, we have also managed to help people with sciatica, weight issues and sleep problems overcome their long-term health issues. 
Our highly trained professionals are experts in the field of corrective exercise and high-performance kinesiology. They know how to correct any imbalance in your body and provide you with the best exercises to fix posture. 
What is Corrective Exercise? 
Corrective exercise focuses on correcting imbalances, correcting faulty movement patterns and improving the function of the body as a whole. 
All our corrective exercise programmes start with a detailed postural analysis to target the specific imbalances that need to be corrected. 
Our corrective exercise specialists carry out a detailed postural analysis on the client in order to identify the specific imbalances that must be corrected. Our holistic corrective exercise approach is light years ahead of traditional corrective exercise specialists because we examine your whole body, inside and out. We don’t just focus on your exterior. We aim to correct the imbalances in your digestive system, your blood sugars, sleep cycles and more, as we want you to be firing on all cylinders internally and externally. 
Corrective exercise takes away the risk of injury and helps you get healthy and stay healthy 
Without addressing the imbalances and faulty movement patterns, any fitness regime will simply be adding more unwanted load on to your muscles, bones, ligaments, fascia and discs. The unfortunate outcome of this would be an injury, which is something we want to ultimately avoid. 
Corrective exercise therapy is ideal for those recovering from injury, but it is also beneficial for anyone looking to reach their fitness potential. Corrective exercise can relieve the pressure placed on your body and help you move freely without any pain. 
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At JT Ethos, your results are the central pillar of our business. Feel free to check out our testimonials to see our success stories. 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
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