Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
"I am happier about my whole fitness and can enjoy the sports I participate in.” 
We are delighted to announce our January client of the month….. 
Aj Karandikar! 
Aj came to us because he was struggling with an ever increasing number of niggling little injuries – back, ankle and knee problems were the main ones. Whilst he had tried physiotherapy, he felt that they were never getting better to the point where he could consider himself free of them and then before he knew it another injury would crop up. He had also tried to change his exercise routine around, but again that had not had the desired effect. 
As a keen sportsman Aj was facing the real possibility of having to give up some of his hobbies because his body could no longer cope with them. 
For us at JT Ethos this is a great back story for a potential client to come to us with. Whilst it may appear that there is no link between the various injuries and ailments, there usually is but it almost always needs the joined up thinking of a holistic approach to health to get to the bottom of it. And that is what we do better than anyone. 
Aj needed some direct treatment in the early days to help unlock his posture and it was great that it took only a matter of days before we made a significant and permanent improvement to his ankle pain – we actually did it by fixing his neck first! But after that the hard work for Aj really began. 
In his words “I wasn’t expecting to have to change my diet, and that has been probably the hardest bit, but I really feel the benefit of it on a day to day basis and now it does not feel difficult at all” 
12 months on and all of Aj’s initial issues have been addressed and we’ve even managed to sort out one he picked up along the way. He’s lighter in weight than he has been in years and is looking forward to a really active summer. 
“I feel proud of myself that I have worked through the programmes which have not always been easy to get me to a place where I am happier about my whole fitness and can enjoy the sports that I participate in” 
You have indeed worked hard and deservedly feel proud of your achievements – onwards and upwards for you now! 
Well done Aj. 
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