Nigel Barrett

We are delighted to announce our January client of the month…..

Nigel Barrett!

Nigel came to us after undergoing 3 back operations, one of which had required 6 months rehabilitation.  He had already given up running but was so low on confidence that he feared he beloved golf, and the running substitute cycling, would also have to go.  He just had no faith in his back and was constantly worried about doing anything that might make it worse.  He also had no real idea as to what he could and should expect to be able to do.  Should he avoid all exercise? Should he do cardio and not weights? Are body weight exercises better than lifting weights?

At JT Ethos we push every new client to try to get to the real reason why they want to go through one of our programmes, what will they really get when they’ve fixed the initial problem that they don’t have now.  it can be quite challenging but also quite revealing.

For Nigel it was all about being able to live the life he wanted, not one compromised by his back.  He was already tailoring his journeys to allow him to get up and move about every hour and was happy to accept that.  But he knew that he couldn’t play golf on consecutive days and wasn’t quite so happy to accept that.

The other thing that came out was that for the first time in his life, over the last few years Nigel had been struggling with his weight. This would not have crossed anyone’s mind to look at him but finding this out has really added and extra dimension to his success.

During our initial assessment, which is more thorough than anyone imagines, we were able to identify that the first major obstacle for Nigel was his flexibility.  His body would simply no longer move in the manner in which he needed.  We are not looking to make him 21 again, but flexible and pliable enough to do the activities he wants to do without damaging his back. We also identified that despite months of rehabilitation work his core strength was way below the level he required.

Stability MUST go hand in hand with any attempt to increase flexibility.  And for anyone with a bad back CORE STABILITY is essential.  Fortunately for Nigel we at JT Ethos are core stability nuts!

The third big revelation for Nigel was how his diet was affecting his health – his back, his weight and his digestion.  Nigel had not been diagnosed with IBS but had many of the classic symptoms.

Conventional rehabilitation programmes will not think about addressing the digestive system when strengthening the back but holistic health practitioners, like us, understand that you cannot rehabilitate the lower back fully without making sure the digestive system is happy.

This gave Nigel his big 3:

  1. Stretching
  2. Strengthening – Core first then butt, back & legs
  3. Cleaning out his diet.

It was really that simple and the results have been outstanding.

The #1 reason why the results have been so good is because Nigel has done the work. He does his stretches every day, he has stuck to his meal plans and he sticks to his exercise schedule. But it is also easier to have that discipline when it makes a difference fast:

I have been very surprised with the progress I’ve made: within a month I saw a major reduction in my weight, the stretching programme that I have adopted had an instant impact on my flexibility.

Success breeds success and Nigel is living proof of that. He is hitting the golf ball farther, knows exactly what exercises he should be doing, knows exactly what he should be eating to look and feel exactly how he wants and can’t help but carry on getting healthier and healthier. To him it is not effort whatsoever.

It felt great to achieve the success I have achieved in these last 4 months. I have far more confidence when I get on the bike or step on the golf course. I feel so much better generally and far more positive.

This is not the end of Nigel’s  journey. With a history of back issues like he has we need time to make sure that he really is out of the woods, to get him as strong as we possibly can. but the beauty is that the longer this goes on the more confidence he is building in the health of his back, which is the very reason he came to us in the first place!

And during that time we can get to work on some of the other things that Nigel has now realised he’d quite like to tweak. It really just just fantastic for us and him!

We at JT Ethos are incredibly proud of the effort he has put in and he is seeing all that hard work pay off. It is a joy to be part of it. Well done!

Nigel Barrett you are our client of the Month for January!!

“within a month I saw a major reduction in my weight and an instant impact on my flexibility”