Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Graham came to us with a back ache - but transformed so much more!!! 
Graham Allsopp 
Graham came to us at JT Ethos with lower back ache. As a young man with a physical job this was potentially a really big deal. At the very first consultation it became clear that whilst Graham’s back was not a serious condition it was a symptom of some wide-ranging poor health choices. 
To his credit Graham saw the varying contributors to his situation and realised that this was his chance to make a change. He had plans to go travelling later in the year and the threat of that being scuppered by his poor health was quite scary. 
The actual ‘doing’ of Graham’s programme was fairly straightforward. What has been impressive is his willingness to do what is required and his diligence in following it through. 
His diet needed the most work. He was overweight, low on energy and making bad choices every day. But the results came quickly. Within a few weeks the weight was dropping off and his body shape was changing. It was almost like having a new man walk into the clinic each week! 
One of the key factors in the work here at JT Ethos is: 
“Put the right foundations in pace and the rest looks after itself” 
Graham’s progress really exemplifies this. Whilst we were overhauling his diet we also started work on his posture and flexibility. In fact we had barely started on that before his back pain was a thing of the past. So much so that we all tend to forget that it was his back that was the initial cause for him visiting us! 
Phase 2 involved getting him into exercise. Core stability to strengthen his back and then a full-body strength programme to start to unlock the potential in his body. 
And what a change. As a tall guy Graham is now standing tall and proud and developing a body shape that will become really impressive as he continues. 
One of Graham’s deeper drivers when we first started was to be confident taking his shirt off on holiday – as he’s just planning his 12 month round the world trip I think it’s safe to say he’s achieved that! 
His big goal now is to maintain his current level of health and wellbeing. As he says he is now ‘Thriving, no longer surviving”. We are confident that he can do it as he travels around, he has the knowledge, the confidence and the expertise to do it. 
Graham has shown dedication, perseverance and commitment to his goals and it is great to see him reaping the rewards 
Congratulations Graham. 
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