Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Reversing Type II Diabetes 
1.5 Stone Weight Loss 
Return to Hill Walking 
Ken Lowe 
‘Congratulations to Ken – we are proud to present him as our Client of the Month! 
As retirement was looming, Ken finally accepted that his health was not going to allow him to live the active retirement he had always planned. Whilst he had known this for a while, his retirement date gave him a deadline – and we all know deadlines make things happen! Ken was having lots of aches & pains, problems with a bad back, plenty of shoulder pain, had been diagnosed as being Type 2 diabetic, had lost a good chunk of weight but still had a way to go and really wanted to make immediate progress. Ken knew he needed to “get it right” first time if he was going to achieve the retirement he’d worked so hard to fund! 
Ken joined JT Ethos and as with all our clients he followed a personalised, well-structured programme specifically designed to achieve his goals. Whilst being hard work it was also fun to follow at times, the programme has had a major positive impact on Ken’s health. Though currently only mid-way through the programme Ken has already reached one of his goals by reaching his target weight with a weight loss of 1.5 stones. This is a great achievement and one to be proud of. 
Ken is now feeling a lot better and healthier in himself. The back and shoulder pain have gone, he is full of energy, clear headed & focused each and every day and knows exactly what he needs to do to achieve his health goals and has fully embraced the retired life. He has gone back to college to study pottery and art, is fully immersed back in engineering on narrow gauge railways and has started hill walking again recently completing a 14 mile walk in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. 
Ken’s single biggest goal when we started our work was to address his type 2 diabetes. As of writing, his blood sugars give ‘normal’ readings every day and whilst his medical advisors want to wait another few months before confirming that he can stop all medication, they have agreed to halve his medication. 
And guess what – his blood sugars remain steadfastly in the ‘normal’ zone. 
We know, and Ken knows, he has it nailed – we will just wait for the medics to confirm the facts and let you know when it’s official. 
Well Done Ken! You are our client of the Month for May!’ 
Ken has proved that with a good attitude towards controlling his intake of sugar, it is pssible to reverse diabetes and come off medication. 
Well done Ken. 
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