Jake Ainsworth – Student

Prior to my injury I was very active, I played rugby 5-6 times per weeks for school and at county as well as regularly partaking in various other sports.

I had a back injury whilst playing rugby which left me unable to sit down and I was in chronic pain. I had seen numerous health professionals over many months who, at best, only gave me strategies to deal with or manage the pain. I was close to losing hope, so seeing Jim was a last resort before I finally came to terms with the fact I may never be able to exercise again. Not only did Jim restore my hope but he took a truly holistic approach which covered all aspects of my health. His support helped me stay motivated and stick with my programme through all the lows.

I’m proud to say that having been supported by Jim for a number of years, I am now pain free and have no trouble sitting. Not only am I back to playing rugby, I regularly partake in: gymnastics, parkour, Olympic weight lifting, cycling, and running. I’m fitter and stronger than I have ever been which is far more than I could have wished for.

It has been a long process, but I now feel I have been given the tools to never be in a similar position ever again. Jim has been an inspiration and helped me become a far greater health care practitioner as I aspire to do the same for other as Jim has done for me.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Emma – Occupational Therapist (26)

I had been suffering from a recurring back complaint for a number of years. I had previously tried both physiotherapy and Pilates which although helpful had not solved the problem.

The training I have done thus far has been very effective in improving the recurring back problem I have had in the past. I have found that Jim has taken the time to investigate the cause of the problem and has therefore been able to design an effective programme that is tailored to my individual needs – rather than other exercise regimes/programmes I have used in the past which I feel have been quite generic.

I have found Jim to be approachable and friendly which makes the pain of exercising slightly easier to bear!

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

David – Software Consultant (44)

I was recommended to see Jim as part of a wider programme to solve on-going issues with my back. I have been a regular sportsman for all of my life primarily playing basketball and cycling. I have always struggled with flexibility and had a number of back injuries in the past. I drive a lot for a living and it was becoming impossible to drive for more than two hours, I was in discomfort most of the time and generally my mobility was becoming a limiting factor. After a number of intensive sessions with an osteopath, I was advised to have some sports massages to free up the muscles around the lower back, hence my referral to Jim.

What struck me straight away was that Jim was keen to understand what was going on in my life to understand all of the contributing factors to my situation, not just the physical ones, but the emotional ones too. He also focussed specifically on the areas of need. I have had sports massages before and they have been a total body massages. One of the first things Jim said was something along the lines of “I won’t have time to do a whole body massage in one hour and do it properly”. He focused on my almost solely on my lower back, hamstrings and IT bands. The questions, advice and opinions were very also different to what I had heard before but immediately made a lot of sense.

My back is now at the point where I don’t think of it as a problem anymore. I am having regular monthly sessions to keep me flexible and I will soon look to progress this into a wider programme of maintenance and strengthening to keep me mobile and playing the sports that I love.

Jim is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and honest; I look forward to working with him for a many years to come.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.


You are a no messing bloke who knows his stuff. You have sorted me out and have helped me so much I now feel ready to face the world and manage my life. Keep up the good work!

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Sam Dickinson – Student (18)

I originally came to Jim with a dream. The idea was to give myself the best possible chance in pursuing a career as far as possible in rugby. I arrived with this dream being non-existent and impossible, in my physical shape and lack or rehab on my knee. Now without a doubt, and I don’t say things lightly, if it had not have been for the hard work of Jim and his help I would definitely not have recovered from my injury and I certainly wouldn’t have had the chance to make my idea and dream a reality and for that I will always be internally grateful to him and the work he put into me. Not just this but I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and will always be proud of the journey I went through with him.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Pam – Retired (62)

I had been very immobile for years owing to being overweight, having flat feet and a lack of exercise. You name it – I’d tried it (other therapists/approaches). Since working with Jim my mobility has improved immensely and my stamina and strength have greatly improved.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

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