JT Ethos has transformed the fortunes of hundreds of clients suffering from chronic health and fitness problems. Through Jim Thorp’s holistic approach to health and medicine he has given people a new lease of life and enabled them to be free of pain. Below is a selection of testimonials provided to us from our clients.


Having entered a few 10ks, half marathons and mountain marathons I regarded myself as fairly fit.

In reality, Jim’s training has made me realise it was selective fitness and my core strength was ignored (or not understood).

The programmes are varied and enjoyable (not withstanding the pain!) and have definitely helped me through a tough physical and emotional period in my life.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Jon – Independent Financial Advisor (42)

I like your approachability – I feel confident in what you prescribe in both exercise and diet. I always feel as if I am achieving something following focused sessions.

I am always impressed that whenever I have a minor injury Jim works with me to identify what caused it, how to recover from it and how to prevent it in the future, this is something that requires time outside of our sessions and something that is much appreciated.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Rob – Recruitment Consultant (26)

I had been suffering from a recurring back complaint for a number of years. I had previously tried both physiotherapy and Pilates which although helpful had not solved the problem.

The training I have done thus far has been very effective in improving the recurring back problem I have had in the past. I have found that Jim has taken the time to investigate the cause of the problem and has therefore been able to design an effective programme that is tailored to my individual needs – rather than other exercise regimes/programmes I have used in the past which I feel have been quite generic.

I have found Jim to be approachable and friendly which makes the pain of exercising slightly easier to bear!

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Emma – Occupational Therapist (26)

When I started with Jim I was unable to run through “plantar fascia-itis” and pregnant. I was unsure about what exercise to do within these constraints. I wanted to run. I had tried various other personal trainers, medical advisors and got no-where.

This was my last chance if you like – I was ready to give up hope of being able to run again. I am now running!!!! (within guidelines managed by Jim) And continually improving. (Stef has recently completed a 10km run and is about to do another in April 08 and is currently working up for her first triathlon)

Due to your careful management of me I have achieved my initial goals. I trust your judgement and do try to do what I am told. You also understand external pressures and allow for this. Overall the goals and workload are realistic and therefore manageable – and effective.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Stef – Part-Time Lecturer & Full-Time Mum (40)

My main problem was my lower back which was causing me pain from an old injury and I had been going to a chiropractor but this was only a short term solution and wasn’t going to rectify the situation. I was also overweight and had struggled by myself at the gym to get motivated to train.

My back has dramatically improved and therefore my lifestyle has as it is no longer constantly affecting my day as before.

I have also lost weight and toned up which makes me feel fantastic.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Louise – Account Manager (26)

My objective with Jim at the beginning was to reduce my ‘large stomach’ (Jim pointed out to me at the time, it was not about weight, but about objectives which I have now begun to understand’) I had only five sessions’ with Jim. In March I weighed 17 Stone The widest part of my Stomach was 49” ‘At my ‘belly button’ the measurement was 48” whilst my waist was 43”

Today ( 20 05 2011) My weight is 15 stone 10 pounds, The widest part of my stomach is 46.5” At my belly button’ the measurement was 44” whilst my waist is 40.5”

I am pleased to have met with Jim, with the guidance he has given me and the knowledge/confidence that I now have. I am confident that I have only just started my physical improvement, however the replacement wardrobe is becoming expensive!

Set your objectives and don’t get deflected by other factors.

Thanks Jim, I look forward to reporting further improvements!

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Keith – Director (61)

Working with Jim is physically testing. The outcome of training sessions is a higher level of fitness and feeling of wellbeing.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Sheila – Chartered Accountant

I had been very immobile for years owing to being overweight, having flat feet and a lack of exercise. You name it – I’d tried it (other therapists/approaches). Since working with Jim my mobility has improved immensely and my stamina and strength have greatly improved.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Pam – Retired (62)

You are a no messing bloke who knows his stuff. You have sorted me out and have helped me so much I now feel ready to face the world and manage my life. Keep up the good work!

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.


Working with Jim has been an excellent means of getting focused on personal specific goals. Achieving things that I had previously discounted as impossible/unattainable. Jim is excellent and changing the “impossible” to the “I’m Possible”

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Carl Bedward

The whole experience has been an excellent one for me. Challenging both mentally and physically it has caused lasting change, not just in the target area of improving my back/neck but in the wider scope of my health, fitness, nutrition and thinking in these areas.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Rob Bradley – Property Developer (30)
Rob Bradley – Property Developer (30)

I originally came to Jim with a dream. The idea was to give myself the best possible chance in pursuing a career as far as possible in rugby. I arrived with this dream being non-existent and impossible, in my physical shape and lack or rehab on my knee. Now without a doubt, and I don’t say things lightly, if it had not have been for the hard work of Jim and his help I would definitely not have recovered from my injury and I certainly wouldn’t have had the chance to make my idea and dream a reality and for that I will always be internally grateful to him and the work he put into me. Not just this but I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and will always be proud of the journey I went through with him.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Sam Dickinson – Student (18)

Jim announced he was doing a January fitness course for BNI members, at first I thought what a load of rubbish and I wouldn't do that! Jim would say in denial........

But I thought about it and more people put their names down; so, I thought why not give it a go and I am glad that I did.

We met at Moor Hall for our first session, this is where I started to buy in and get motivated. it helped that 2 people in ithe room had already made such improvements to their weight that gave me the motivation to give it a proper go.

I followed the 2 week detox diet, well almost, and lost nearly a sone in 2 weeks.

After 4 weeks i have now lost 1stone and 4lbs. now it is time to lose even more lbs and buy some new clothes.

A massive thanks to Jim and JT Ethos for helping me to lose weight and get more energy back.

For more information on Tim's story check out his video on out You Tube channel: http://https://youtu.be/78q1FnBo18w

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Tim Hammond – Managing Director
Tim Hammond – Managing Director

UPDATE June 2017: 

A bit of an update with me, really happy, I'm 15st 13 this morning and that's a lot healthier than when I was just under that weight when was struggling after the cancer.  This time it's having cut out a lot of the crap.  So your flyer is out of date I make it 1 maybe 2lb off 4 stone!???

Food and drink -  I've rarely drank over last 3 months... feel so better for it.  Eating wise - probably been never so on it. No gluten/ dairy - it's a way of life now AND I've cut out a lot of the naughty snacks!!

Exercise-wise - cut down on the running, not everyday!  I still go 2 times a week 3 tops, less distance.   I play squash again!!!!!   Ok this one I think you're have alarm bells about but I hadn't played since the crashes and for the first time it felt right! First time I played ... it didn't feel right after- I could barely walk but I've made a few changes and now it's all cool ! - for me this is quite an achievement- I really didn't think I'd ever play again.  I play table tennis at work every day... didn't think I'd play that like I used to with all the reactive moves and forehand smashes, this has been really good for me.  I do a bit of swimming and I've started popping to the gym a bit again too in the last few weeks - and this is what I need to do more of!  

All in all ... I've tried to carry on all the good I've learnt and basically I've got my life back!! I still have niggles, I don't get worried by them and have confidence the body now fixes itself and when it doesn't I know who to call!! What I'm doing and done I really wouldn't have dreamed of!

=====================ORIGINAL TESTIMONIAL======================

After being hit from behind in a road accident in November and a same again subsequent one in June, 18 months later my neck, shoulder, back and leg problems were getting worse and not better. These had caused serious problems at work and I was unable to complete simple chores around the house. I was at an all time personal low. I had been passed around by the NHS and discharged from physiotherapists despite my problems remaining unfixed.

I had been sent to a pain management centre who instead of trying to fix my problems, were merely trying to get me to accept the pain I was enduring daily. A hospital specialist was set to operate on my shoulder. When I met Jim I told him my goals were simply to return to work (I was on unpaid sickness at the time) and return to the normal life of a 27 year old, as I was so limited with my mobility my 80 year old grandparents were more active than me. To be honest I was very sceptical when I met Jim, I didn’t see how he could succeed where the other medical opinions had failed.

I started seeing Jim in November and now, May I feel a complete different person. Jim fixed my neck, shoulder, back and leg problems. My shoulder that was due to be operated on, no longer required surgery. My surgeon said “you are very lucky to find this man, ’ when I showed him my movement following the Atlas correction Jim had performed. He got the MRI scans out, looked at them and laughed, saying the MRI’s don’t lie. He said lets see if you still feel like that in two months, my next appointment he was astounded with my progress and discharged me again reiterating I had been very lucky finding this therapy.

I returned to work in March, went on holiday in May and went walking, swimming and cycling. Unimaginable at the end of last year. Had I not been introduced to Jim I dread to think where I would be now pain, mentally or financially. Had I lost my job, then house and car etc would have been lost adding further pressures to my fragile state.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Andy – Online Executive (27)

I was recommended to see Jim as part of a wider programme to solve on-going issues with my back. I have been a regular sportsman for all of my life primarily playing basketball and cycling. I have always struggled with flexibility and had a number of back injuries in the past. I drive a lot for a living and it was becoming impossible to drive for more than two hours, I was in discomfort most of the time and generally my mobility was becoming a limiting factor. After a number of intensive sessions with an osteopath, I was advised to have some sports massages to free up the muscles around the lower back, hence my referral to Jim.

What struck me straight away was that Jim was keen to understand what was going on in my life to understand all of the contributing factors to my situation, not just the physical ones, but the emotional ones too. He also focussed specifically on the areas of need. I have had sports massages before and they have been a total body massages. One of the first things Jim said was something along the lines of “I won’t have time to do a whole body massage in one hour and do it properly”. He focused on my almost solely on my lower back, hamstrings and IT bands. The questions, advice and opinions were very also different to what I had heard before but immediately made a lot of sense.

My back is now at the point where I don’t think of it as a problem anymore. I am having regular monthly sessions to keep me flexible and I will soon look to progress this into a wider programme of maintenance and strengthening to keep me mobile and playing the sports that I love.

Jim is approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and honest; I look forward to working with him for a many years to come.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

David – Software Consultant (44)

Prior to my injury I was very active, I played rugby 5-6 times per weeks for school and at county as well as regularly partaking in various other sports.

I had a back injury whilst playing rugby which left me unable to sit down and I was in chronic pain. I had seen numerous health professionals over many months who, at best, only gave me strategies to deal with or manage the pain. I was close to losing hope, so seeing Jim was a last resort before I finally came to terms with the fact I may never be able to exercise again. Not only did Jim restore my hope but he took a truly holistic approach which covered all aspects of my health. His support helped me stay motivated and stick with my programme through all the lows.

I’m proud to say that having been supported by Jim for a number of years, I am now pain free and have no trouble sitting. Not only am I back to playing rugby, I regularly partake in: gymnastics, parkour, Olympic weight lifting, cycling, and running. I’m fitter and stronger than I have ever been which is far more than I could have wished for.

It has been a long process, but I now feel I have been given the tools to never be in a similar position ever again. Jim has been an inspiration and helped me become a far greater health care practitioner as I aspire to do the same for other as Jim has done for me.

** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Jake Ainsworth – Student

“There is a slightly smug sense of self-satisfaction when achieving a challenge that one has set oneself”

Brendan Geary

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