What do you do?

Perhaps the most difficult question we get asked is “what do you do?”. Difficult because what we do is entirely dependent on the client. It is based on their needs, their aspirations and their abilities.

We offer a total body and mind approach to rehabilitation, performance and health that identifies and addresses the key causes of the problem rather than merely dealing with the symptoms. Ultimately our clients become pain free, happy, fit and healthy individuals, often for the first time in years they are then able to use their new bodies and minds to really live their lives and fulfil their dreams without limitation. **Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

We are very conscientious and responsible practitioners and will only work with people for whom we feel we can add real value.

If you are considering working with us, or are simply interested in talking to us about some issues that you are dealing with, the first thing we will do is meet you to discuss your needs and aspirations. This meeting is completely without obligation and free of charge, simply fill in your info into the form:

We are based in Birmingham

Our venue is set up with one thing in mind, allowing you to do the work you need.  We have a dedicated exercise studio which allows you to work in or out as required.  Then right next door is our intimate consultation room where we can do all the necessary assessments and private consultations.

We thought long and hard about the equipment for the exercise studio and think that it is just about right, we can do everything from heavy weight training right through deep stabilisation training all the way to mediation and relaxation exercises in the same place.

The premises are shared with Midlands Physiotherapy on Harrison Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, B74 4JL. As you can hopefully see from the pictures, it is a really nice setting, lots of parking and the ability for us to tailor each programme to the exact needs of each client.

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The staff

All the staff at JT Ethos take pride in helping you reach your goals, rapidly and effectively through designing bespoke solutions based on comprehensive and integrated assessments, and the application of a broad range of advanced clinical techniques.

Jim Thorp

Jim Thorp is a former professional rugby player who, like many, was forced to retire when his body gave up on him. 4 shoulder reconstructions, 1 neck surgery, countless back injuries, numerous shoulder dislocations, a few broken bones and a barrel shaped body that topped out at over 19 stone was what he was left with after forced retirement in 2005.

Plus a boatload of awesome memories and the knowledge that he’d do it all over again in a heart beat if he had the chance.

Since then Jim has spent his time becoming a master at re-establishing health, repairing injuries and helping clients get the body they want and a body that will let them live the life they want to live. He has become known as the go-to man for people who think they have tried everything and though he is based in Sutton Coldfield in Birmingham has clients travelling from as far away as Manchester, Derby & Guilford.

He is thorough, focussed, supportive and tough in his approach and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise into each client’s unique programme. His single biggest focus is helping each client achieve his or her goals. This approach has enabled him to help thousands of people with widely varying challenges to transform their health without becoming extremist health nuts. It’s all 100% practical, tried and tested knowledge and advice that you can implement in your life.

At the age of 41 Jim is now 16 stone, much less barrel shaped (you can’t completely fight the genes) and the shoulders and back are in good order. His neck has come back to demand attention in the last 6 months and it didn’t help when the surgeon simply said “this is exactly what I’d expect from someone with your history”! This latest challenge has caused him to re-think his own approach and change tack on how he addresses his neck, interestingly the base choice is to work our more vigorously and ditch the gentle stuff!

BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science
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Who we work with

We work with clients of all ages, in all conditions and from all walks of life, we genuinely believe we can help ANYONE as long as they have the desire to help themselves and make a change. **Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Here are a couple of case studies (the names have been changed to protect their identities) and you can see more client feedback on the testimonials page.

Case study 1

Stan first came to see Jim in July 2008. Having lost an amazing 8 stone in weight Stan had decided to start using a gym to tone up. However it all went wrong for him and he picked up injury after injury every time he used the gym. By the time he got to Jim he had seen 10 different therapists over a 5 year period and had pain in his neck, upper back and lower back and pain in his hips; all of which were very easily aggravated and appeared to be random and with no particular cause.

However, through experience he had found that exercise often aggravated his problems. He was seeing a masseur weekly to manage his pain levels particularly in his upper back and neck. This was helping for a few days at a time but his problems were slowly getting worse overall. He had seen a number of personal trainers with differing amounts of success but not really experienced any long term improvement in his symptoms.

Jim started off with a full body assessment, nutritional assessment and movement screening. This revealed numerous areas to be addressed. Jim put together the personal plan and Stan set about putting the pieces of the plan into action. For Stan, this was primarily about getting into a regular stretching regime to move his spine in particular into a much better position. Once this was achieved Jim guided Stan through some regular short exercise sessions to improve his core stability and spinal stability. Today Stan is free from pain, stretches regularly and is exercising twice weekly.

The biggest instantaneous improvement for Stan was when he was referred to a specialist chiropractor. The day before he went he had to hold his head while getting up from a lay down position.

The day after his consultation and treatment he got up from a lay-down position without holding his head several times before he was made aware of the improvement. This one course of action removed his neck pain overnight and whilst it took some time to stabilise his new neck position, he now has to be reminded how much pain he was in because he has forgotten!

At this stage Stan is finally able to work his body hard. He notices his improved muscle tone every week and is enjoying walking into the studio with nothing hurting! **Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Case study 2

Kate finally gave me a ring in January 2010. She had struggled to lose weight ever since the birth of her 2nd child in 2005. As a working mum with 2 children she was extremely time ‘poor’ but really committed and hungry for the chance to feel good about herself again. Jim started with his nutritional assessment and set out a plan to overhaul her dietary habits and help her generate some energy.

As soon as she made the changes to her diet her weight started to disappear. She lost 4-6lbs almost every week for the first 6 months. Her total weight loss was 3½ stone by the start of November 2010. Jim started Kate with some gentle yoga and relaxation exercises to help minimise the effects of the stresses in her life (stress is a major blockage to weight loss) and then gently added some strengthening exercises into her plan.

Kate chose her own fitness work – salsa dancing which she does most weeks. Kate now does not consider herself to be on any diet, she is just eating the things that make her feel really good, and avoiding those that make her feel bad.

Her weight is stable and she has dropped more dress sizes (3) than she ever dreamed possible! **Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

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