Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

 JT Ethos was born out of the approach and philosophy of its founder Jim Thorp.  

Through over 10 years of working in gyms, sports clubs and various clinics in and around Sutton Coldfield and Birmingham and studying with the world leading CHEK Institute in San Diego Jim developed a methodology and approach that achieved the stated results of well over 90% of his clients (Jim was desperate for it to be 100% but he is dealing with real people after all and nobody is perfect). This put him head and shoulders above others in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry but as one man there was a limit to how many people he could help. 
So with the addition of more staff in 2012 JT Ethos was born. 
JT Ethos is about real health, using a no-nonsense yet unyieldingly positive approach to deliver results that matter to each and every client. Every client is asked about what success looks like - before any work has started or any money has changed hands. 
We are a beacon for health and wellbeing in Sutton Coldfield & Birmingham. A place where both clients and employees come because they know they will get and authentic, results based educated experience that leaves them feeling better and healthier. 

About the Venue 

 We are based in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham  

Our venue is set up with one thing in mind, allowing you to do the work you need. We have a dedicated exercise studio which allows you to work in or out as required. Then right next door is our intimate consultation room where we can do all the necessary assessments and private consultations. 
We thought long and hard about the equipment for the exercise studio and think that it is just about right, we can do everything from heavy weight training right through deep stabilisation training all the way to mediation and relaxation exercises in the same place. 
The premises are shared with Midlands Physiotherapy on Harrison Road, Four Oaks, Sutton Coldfield, B74 4JL. As you can hopefully see from the pictures, it is a really nice setting, lots of parking and the ability for us to tailor each programme to the exact needs of each client. 
Why not pop in for a free consultation? 
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Permanent Staff 

Jim Thorp 

Jim Thorp is a former professional rugby player who, like many, was forced to retire when his body gave up on him. 4 shoulder reconstructions, 1 neck surgery, countless back injuries, numerous shoulder dislocations, a few broken bones and a barrel shaped body that topped out at over 19 stone was what he was left with after forced retirement in 2005. 
Plus a boatload of awesome memories and the knowledge that he’d do it all over again in a heart beat if he had the chance. 
He is thorough, focussed, supportive and tough in his approach and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise into each client’s unique programme. 
His single biggest focus is helping each client achieve his or her goals. This approach has enabled him to help thousands of people with widely varying challenges to transform their health without becoming extremist health nuts. It’s all 100% practical, tried and tested knowledge and advice that you can implement in your life. 
At the age of 45 Jim is now 15½ stone, much less barrel shaped (you can’t completely fight the genes) and the shoulders and back are in good order. His neck has come back to demand attention in the last 12 months and it didn’t help when the surgeon simply said “this is exactly what I’d expect from someone with your previous life experiences!”! This latest challenge has caused him to re-think his own approach and change tack on how he addresses his neck, interestingly the base choice is to work our more vigorously and ditch the gentle stuff! 


BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science 
CHEK Practitioner Level III - read more 
CHEK Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach Level 3 - read more 
Sports Massage 
Sports Therapy 
Pre & Post Natal Exercise Prescription 

Freelance Staff 

We bring different professionals into the team as and when required for each client. These can vary from exercise professionals, nutrition specialists through to counsellors, reiki practitioners and mindset coaches. 
All of theses freelance staff have the highest industry qualifications and share the JT Ethos values to make a difference to each client through honest inspirational engagement that leaves the client educated and understanding more about themselves and their ability to create the life they want. 
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