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Let’s be Honest…… 
Tennis elbow is a bitch. Golfer’s elbow is the bitch’s sister! 
It nags at you, it niggles. You think you’ve beaten it and then it comes back at you – sniggering at you. Every time you think you’re on the road to recovery it comes and takes your legs from under you; and comes from your blind spot – it has a nasty streak like that! If you want to learn more about the injury you might want to check out this resource for more information. 
Let me also be clear I will refer to both tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow as the same thing in this page. They are not clinically the same obviously but the principles of our approach to treating them are the same for both. Click on the links above to read more about the specific details of each injury. 
There are plenty of options in Birmingham, either on the market or through your GP and physiotherapist. And they can work, but equally they don’t work for a lot of people. 
One of the key reasons why this is the case is that most people go back to doing the very action that caused the injury in the first place. Of course you do. Playing tennis bought it on because that is what you like to do and want to get back to. Makes sense to you but from a rehabilitation point of view that’s a challenge. 
Consider also that over 90% of chronic injuries (those that last over 6 weeks) have no specific cause. They are not caused by one specific incident; they come on gradually over time. So it is with tennis elbow. The repetition of hitting the ball causes the injury. 

But you want to go back to hitting the ball. 

And so you should – but if we simply treat the injury then all we are doing is putting you back onto the court in exactly the same condition as you were in immediately before the injury. And asking you to go and do the very same thing that caused the injury. 
You tell me what’s likely to happen……… 
It doesn’t make sense. 
So you have 2 choices: 
Regain your pre-injury condition and don’t so the thing that causes the injury – not really the point. 
Improve the pre-injury condition. 
What you have there is a very condensed version of how we think. How we solve injuries and ailments that like to persist and resist other treatments. 
We didn’t ever set out to treat tennis elbow but ended up attracting so many clients, and achieving long term success with them, that we thought we should at least put it on our website. 
So what can we do for you and your situation? 
Well let’s be very open – it takes time and a lot of hard work. Even though we look at you entire body we need to work very hard to improve the condition of the muscles and ligaments in your forearm and elbow. 
But then we need to go a few steps further. 
Because we can’t stop you hitting the ball – we don’t want you to stop hitting the ball! So whilst we are improving the conditions in your forearm, we want to improve the mechanics and rhythms of the rest of your arm, of your shoulder and of your thoracic spine – as a bare minimum. 
Golfers usually benefit from going much further due to the rotation required through the entire spine and the fact that the feet are relatively fixed whilst rotating. 
Because our body’s are a very complex system of systems but we all learnt about why as children: 
The arm bone’s connected to the elbow bone 
The elbow bone is connected to the shoulder bone 
The shoulder bone’s connected to the back bone 
And so on…. Sing along if you wish. 
But it’s true, if we improve and gain more performance (more movement, more strength, better posture and better efficiency of movement) in the shoulder and the thoracic spine then we can reduce the load on the elbow and forearm and get you to a point where you can hit as many balls as you like. 
I hope that makes sense to you. 
I hope you can see how a slight alteration in thinking can come up with a different solution that can offer you the result you want. 
The testimonials on this page are all from clients of our who thought they’d run out of options. All committed to doing it properly, hung in there and embraced all the aspects that we asked them to address.** 
But there is an extra bonus for them. 
Not only are they back playing tennis or golf, they have also improved their backs, their knees and the overall condition of their entire body.** 
If that sounds good to you, if you think you’re running out of options then fill out the form opposite and lets get together to see how a comprehensive approach may be able to help you. 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
“Having tried physio, steroid shots & PRP injections I was still struggling with tennis elbow and not confident if getting back to playing freely. I am now back playing freely!! I have seen steady incremental benefits so that I have achieved my original goal.” 
Gary Middleton, Bank Manager, 51 
“I have used JT Ethos many times over the years, for both tennis elbow and golfers elbow with complete recovery each time. I have been able to continue playing golf and found their treatment to be helpful, flexible and effective.” 
MB, Managing Director, 57 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
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