Change Your Body With Our Expert Nutritional Advice

Whether you are looking to improve your health and fitness, beat your personal best or rid yourself of persistent pain once and for all, JT Ethos can help transform your body.

Thanks to our qualified and highly skilled team, we provide a wide range of services that are designed to leave you feeling fit, revitalised and ready to take on the world.

If you have struggled with your weight and are desperate to lose a few pounds in order to feel better about yourself or get beach body ready, we can help. Thanks to our in-depth dietary and nutritional knowledge, we know that no two bodies are the same. What may work wonders for one person may not work on another. That’s why we take a holistic approach into YOUR body and devise a plan that meets your specific needs.

For the finest dietary, nutritional and fitness advice, check out our Holistic Nutritionist service.

Get fit and active with a personal trainer

Everyone knows it is important to keep fit and active. Not only is it great for our bodies, it is also brilliant for our mental health. Whether you are an aspiring athlete or someone who just wants to adopt an active lifestyle, our personal training service can ensure you receive the best results from your workouts.

Our dedicated holistic health coaches have devoted their careers to improving the athletic performance of our clients, encouraging them to complete goals they once thought were unobtainable. Discover how we can help you achieve your goals with a personal trainer.

Relax with a professional sports massage

Massages are a perfect way of relaxing the muscles and helping you feel refreshed. At JT Ethos, our professional sports massage therapists will get to grips with your aching limbs and leave you feeling great. Ideal for professional athletes, amateur sportsmen and women and generally active people alike, sports massages can help aid recovery and prevent injuries.

Corrective exercise specialists and holistic lifestyle coaches

JT Ethos is also the name you can trust when it comes to finding a corrective exercise specialist. If your life has been blighted by persistent neck or back pain, tennis elbow, sciatica or poor posture, we can devise a bespoke corrective exercise plan that will leave you loving life again.

Our professional team is skilled in kinesiology, so while other doctors and health specialists may have failed to diagnose the root cause of your problem, our holistic lifestyle coaches promise to find the find the issue! Our approach is light years ahead of other health experts because we examine your whole body in order to determine where your pain originates from and determine a structured plan on how to rectify it.

Make a real change with our health overhaul specialists

We also offer a specialist health overhaul service, which is for those who are serious about making a real change to their long-term health and wellbeing. Taking a thorough and in-depth look into your body, the 12-month programme will leave you full of energy, pain-free and with a body that defies your age.

For more details on our professional and in-depth health services, call 0121 5809598 or email