Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

At JT Ethos we deliver our passion and expertise in health and personal training in 3 ways:  

Online health and immunity boosting bootcamps, 1:1 personal training and exclusive health transformations. 
Our online bootcamps run for 6 weeks and offer a holistic approach and short health overhaul designed to boost health, vitality and immunity. At this time these are particularly suited to those who have had or are concerned about contracting Covid-19 plus those suffering from Long Covid. 
The bootcamps offer a mixture of group sessions and 1:1 coaching and run throughout the year but are particularly popular in the Autumn and early winter and also are great for those with a New Year commitment to get healthier. 
The outbreak of Covid-19 gave us the opportunity to look at how we could use our skillset to help people face the virus. The research all points to the fact that those people of good health have a better experience of the virus than those of poorer health. Diabetes and obesity are 2 of the 3 major morbidity factors associated with Covid-19 - the third being “underlying health concerns” - and they are 2 of our specialties. 
Our bootcamps are an excellent way to work swiftly to help yourself. To take responsibility, get some expert guidance and know that you are helping yourself. We cover all elements required to be a healthy human being – movement, diet, rest & relaxation and mindset (see our 4 Doctors principle) – but in a much lighter way than other programmes. Yet our bootcamp clients are still results focussed and we are delighted at the testimonials we are getting to yet again prove that we can do what we claim. 

1:1 Personal Training 

He is thorough, focussed, supportive and tough in his approach and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise into each client’s unique programme. 
His single biggest focus is helping each client achieve his or her goals. This approach has enabled him to help thousands of people with widely varying challenges to transform their health without becoming extremist health nuts. It’s all 100% practical, tried and tested knowledge and advice that you can implement in your life. 
At the age of 45 Jim is now 15½ stone, much less barrel shaped (you can’t completely fight the genes) and the shoulders and back are in good order. His neck has come back to demand attention in the last 12 months and it didn’t help when the surgeon simply said “this is exactly what I’d expect from someone with your previous life experiences!”! This latest challenge has caused him to re-think his own approach and change tack on how he addresses his neck, interestingly the base choice is to work our more vigorously and ditch the gentle stuff! 

Exclusive Health Transformations 

The JT Ethos Exclusive Health Transformations are the very best programmes on offer. These programmes are for those who are serious about getting and implementing the very best approaches to health, vitality and fitness. Those who want to travel from A to B as fast as possible and reach the highest possible levels. 
Our Exclusive Health Transformations last for 12 months and are only delivered by Jim. Appointments and sessions are flexible around the client needs and can be delivered at our clinic or at the clients home or work. 
Due to the nature of these transformation they are very limited in terms of numbers at any one time and often there can be a waiting list to get started. Applications to join this programme can be made via the application form here 
Exclusive Health Transformation Application 
Just fill in the form below. 

JT Ethos Service Offerings 

Online COVID Immunity Bootcamp 
Holistic PT Programmes 
Sutton Coldfield 
Initial group session plus 2 catch ups 1 x 1 online 1:1 
Weekly, generally 1hr 
JT lead but other less qualified and experienced at JT discretion 
General Theme 
Holistic approach to short health overhaul designed to boost health, vitality and immunity, particularly suited to those who have had or are concerned about contracting the virus plus those suffering from Long Covid 
Still truly holistic 4 doctors plan and programme but delivered methodically (1 topic at a time) and steadily weekly over 6, 12 or 18 months on a weekly basis 
JT Private Clients 
JT Private Clients 
Radical Transformation 
Mostly Sutton but can vary 
Varied to suit client 
3/month – 90mins-3hrs 
Varied from 3hrs – 2 days, 3-4/wk for months 1-3 then as required but at least 2/m 
JT only 
JT only 
General Theme 
Holistic 4 doctors plan delivered more dynamically and adapted for quicker delivery and results through JT expertise. Some done for you elements. 
The ultimate transformation delivered intensively in large portions with 3 months of in-person support from JT and a number of done for you elements to create a transformation in 12 weeks 
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