Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Rachel has been able to learn a new way to address her goals after years of working harder, harder, harder. 
She now works smart, creates balance and gets better results than ever! 
Rachel Woodward 
Rachel came to us at JT Ethos because she had lost her way a little with her efforts to get fit and healthy. As a former national level netballer Rachel ‘knew’ that effective exercise involved hard work, high impact sweat busting workouts. She also knew that eating sensibly combined with the workouts would help her lose weight and tone up. It always had. 
In fact worse than that – it was leaving her injured every few weeks so any progress she made just got lost whilst she recovered from her latest little niggle. 
Bizarrely she listened to her little brother! He had been a client of ours before and suggested she come and talk to us. 
Working out what was going wrong for Rachel was easy, helping her understand what needed to be done and supporting her to do it was potentially much less straightforward! This is where Rachel has really excelled. 
Rachel’s obstacle was one faced by almost all moms, especially working moms. She came last, everyone else got what they needed – work, child, husband, family, husband’s family, friends – and then any remaining time she crammed with her stuff. Just at the point she needed to rest up she was pushing herself even harder. 
The female body responds to this by storing fat – the very opposite of what she wanted. 
So our first task was to stop her doing so much. Then we got her eating properly – and consistently – before introducing some quiet calm movement in. 
“I have got leaner – surprisingly from doing less exercise!!” 
It has helped tremendously that she has started playing tennis this summer as her competitive edge was always going to be challenged by doing less but having that satiated by the tennis has left the way clear for us to build the holistic health programme she needs to get the results she wants. 
But the results of all of this is that she is leaner, has more energy, is wearing clothes she hasn’t worn for years and feels that “she is a better mom, better wife and better boss”. 
Her future goals are to perform a chin up, further embrace the yoga and mediatation that she has started and continue the weight loss. 
Rachel has been utterly amazing at embracing a different way to approach her health, we have done this with many clients over the years but nons have taken to it quite so fully and successfully as Rachel. 
Well done Rachel. 
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