Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

Let JT EThos End Your Constant Neck Pain  

There are a million and one things in this world that many of us would class as a pain in the neck. Constant talk of Brexit, Jedward, your neighbour’s annoying children and that co-worker who just won’t stop their incessant chatting instantly spring to mind. However, severe neck pain is anything but a laughing matter. 
Suffering with constant neck pain can ruin your enjoyment of life. Chronic neck pain can prevent you from having fun with the family, it can stop you enjoying drinks with friends and persistent neck pain can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

Get Rid Of Neck Pain Once And For All 

Here at JT Ethos, we use a holistic approach to cure neck and shoulder pain for good. Through a mix of personal training, massage, neck pain exercises and dietary advice, we can put an end to your severe neck and shoulder pain once and for all. 
You may have spent a small fortune on various neck pain treatments and remedies in pursuit of a solution to your severe neck pain, but still been left in constant pain. You are probably at the end of your tether, wondering if you will ever get back to having a decent quality of life again. 
Well the good news is yes, yes you can. You are in the right place. JT Ethos is a neck pain specialist and knows how to cure neck pain. We also have a proud history of nursing patients with long-term neck pain back to full health. 
Neck pain is one of the most common health complaints in the world and there are many triggers for a sore neck. Your occupation could be a factor. You may have a slipped disc. It could be whiplash, trauma or injury, the stress of modern life, sleeping in a strange position or even brittle bones. Neck muscles can become strained for several reasons and no-one is immune from suffering severe neck pain in Birmingham. It can affect men, women and children, office staff, manual labourers and athletes. So even if you are not suffering from a constant stiff neck or a sharp pain in the neck now, everyone will encounter neck problems at some point in their lives. 

Effective Neck Pain Treatment 

At JT Ethos, we aim to get to the root cause of your long-term neck pain and establish an effective programme that will hopefully rid you of your neck pain forever. ** Incorporating the best neck pain exercises around alongside our integrated lifestyle advice, our neck pain programme will help ease your neck pain. 
If you are suffering from neck nerve pain, have a pain at the base of your neck or can’t function properly because of persistent neck pain and live in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield or within the West Midlands, you do not have to suffer any more. 
Chronic neck pain truly is a pain in the neck. If it has blighted your life for too long, call us today on 0121 5809598 or fill out the form above for a free consultation and together we can get rid of neck pain. 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
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