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Integrating Body & Mind to Address Scoliosis  

Throwing the Kitchen Sink at those Curves both Pre & Post Surgery 
Scoliosis is a wicked condition but I probably don’t need to tell you that! In truth no-one really knows why it happens or what makes it happen and as yet there is no one single fix. However that does not mean that all is lost. 
What is Scoliosis? 
Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional curvature of the spine. Our spines are designed to have curves in them when viewed from the side but not when viewed from the back or from on top. These extra curves cause rotation and side bending which in turn create muscle imbalances, restrictions in movement, increase damage to the discs, breathing difficulties as well as visual imbalances. 
Roughly 80% of scoliosis cases have no known onset, they happen generally in young people and more in females than males. 
At JT Ethos we offer to work as the lead therapist with you or support whilst you are working through programmes designed by others. 
We also believe that your efforts should not stop with your joints and muscles. We operate on the belief that our bodies are simply a system of interconnected systems and no-one system can operate without others. Therefore it makes more sense to us to look at the other systems to see what they could bring to the programme. 
The surgical interventions that are now being carried out are phenomenal, but they have their drawbacks. It is also widely accepted that surgery should be delayed as long as possible and ideally well beyond the time that the spine stops growing. This is generally considered to be when a girl starts her periods and about at age 16 for boys. 

The main reason for this is that surgery to correct scoliosis often requires rods to be inserted into the lumbar spine. If the spine then continues to grow there is a risk that the surgery will need to be repeated. 

So what can you do about it? Throw the kitchen sink at it! 
What that means is look for as many areas as possible that could have a positive impact on your scoliosis and improve as many as possible. 
Research any and every avenue that has helped anyone else in your situation. I heard stories about huge improvements in the curves through correction of Vitamin D and Magnesium deficiency. 
At JT Ethos we have seen improvements through correction in the upper cervical spine and in creating more balance mentally and emotionally.** 
These are all very different areas – but they all helped to create an improvement in the curves. 
If you’re pre-surgery then it’s obviously all about putting it off or better still avoiding it completely. If you’ve already had surgery then there is both good and bad news – scan to the bottom of the page for a special note for those post surgery. 
Obviously a highly detailed physical assessment and corrective exercise programme is essential but it shouldn’t stop there. Digestive disorders can seriously impact lumbar spine stability, poor sleep cycles can limit physical recovery, poor posture will be a brick wall to even the best exercise programme and faulty breathing patterns will drive certain postures over and above anything else. 
All these other things may not seem to be directly linked to your scoliosis but our experience with both scoliosis and more general persistent low back pain has taught us that without looking at all those areas as well you are severely limiting your chances of success. 
That’s why we throw the kitchen sink at it. 
Asymmetrical exercises are the essential foundation of any exercise programme targeting scoliosis 
At JT Ethos we use a combination of world-class corrective exercise and integrated nutritional and lifestyle coaching to bring you a solution that covers all of the areas that may be contributing to your scoliosis.** 
The solution may well involve other experts, not just from Birmingham, but from right across the country. If it will benefit you we’ll make sure it’s considered and prioritised correctly. 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
I’m post surgery – is that it? 
Here’s the special note for those of you post surgery: 
Firstly congratulations for getting through the operation and the physiotherapy afterwards. I hope you’ve felt it was worthwhile? If you didn’t do your physio exercises stop reading and just fill in the form now, I’ll explain why when we speak! 
Here’s the bad news…….. whilst the surgery will have corrected the main issue, what you are now left with is a segment of your spine that doesn’t move – but the rest of your body still wants to move fully. This will cause an increase in the loads placed on the rest of your back. If you don’t look after the rest of your back it will start to break down and hurt – quickly. 
There is nothing you can do about this, it is fact. For the rest of your life you need to look after the rest of your back to make it as strong, stable & flexible as it possibly can be. 
Now for the good news………. With a really good corrective exercise programme that is targeted to both your specific restrictions and to enhancing everything else around it you can achieve all of this extra care within what looks like a ‘regular’ exercise regime. The programme needs to be specific but your input just needs to be the same as anyone else.** 
At JT Ethos we grew out of the need to find solutions for people with physical limitations that we couldn’t change and have had lots of practice over the years. That’s how we’ve become Birmingham’s leading corrective exercise and integrated health clinic providing Birmingham’s most complete and truly holistic approach to both pre & post surgery scoliosis treatment.** 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
“It has been good to work with someone with a friendly positive attitude to improving my situation. Being able to do the exercise program in my own time but knowing that help is available when I need it by phone or email has been very helpful. The regular re-assessments and well targeted exercises have proved really effective and created a marked improvement in both appearance and strength.” 
CB, 14, Working Hard to Avoid Major Surgery 
“Jim has helped to work consistently at my exercise programme. He has also suggested other approaches and is now helping me to look at my diet to see what impact that can have. All together my curves have improved drastically.” 
Rohit, 13, Avoiding Surgery 
** Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another. 
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