Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Rachel has clocked up some impressive numbers & some unexpected benefits: 
2 stone weight loss in less than 4 months 
The most weight lost of any 'diet' EVER! 
2" lost off her chest, 5" off her waist & 3½" off her hips! 
The first PMT-free period in her life!!!!! 
Rachel Oram 
Rachel came to us after a big shock - she had recently been diagnosed with a hole in her heart and been told that she will have to have open heart surgery. Her response to this was to decide to get as fit and healthy as she could - and boy is she doing that! 
Rachel has been a yo-yo dieter all her life and like many has tried numerous diet clubs over the years, so despite the good initial results she was sceptical that it would continue. It has been a lot of fun seeing her pass the various milestones along the way and watching her confidence grow at the same time. 
Rachel has made the fatal mistake of telling us that she is looking forward to getting stronger and fitter! She is already regretting saying that! 
"It's been amazing, it has been a real eye-opener about diet and nutrition and it doesn't feel like a diet. It works and is now just part of my life" 
Rachel has been great in also sharing that an unexpected benefit of the work she has done is to completely iradicate her PMS symptoms within 4 months, something that she had suffered with quite badly all of her adult life. 
But she also explained the utter relief at finally being able to believe that the yo-yo'ing weight is finally a thing of the past. 
Well done Rachel. 
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