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JT Ethos, The Holistic Health &
Sports Rehabilitation Specialists

You and your needs. Whether you are suffering from long term back pain, looking for weight loss help or suffering with sciatica pain, we are confident that with our holistic approach together with our sports rehabilitation skills and your commitment, we can overcome all of your health issues.

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Tailored Holistic Approach to
Your Long Term Health Issues

Each client is personally managed and a bespoke holistic health solution coupled with nutritonal advice and corrective exercise is created for you which means ultimately you become pain free, happy, fit and healthy. You are then able to use your new body and mind to really live your life and fulfil your dreams without limitation

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So if you want to relieve yourself of long-term back pain, severe sciatica or undertake an overall body transformation with a personal trainer in Birmingham, the first thing we will do is meet you to discuss your needs and aspirations. This meeting is completely without obligation and free of charge.

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**Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another.

Do you suffer from chronic back problems?

Sometimes people have back pain which is not actually related to any back issues, but rather from problems stemming from surrounding areas. These can be solved by my holistic approach to long-term and short-term back pain which examines the whole of the body for total rehabilitation, using a combination of corrective exercises, eating plans and sports massage therapies.

Sciatica – your trapped nerve nightmare

Sciatica can be hugely painful, which is why we here at JT Ethos set up this clinic in Birmingham to help with the lower back pain cause by the sciatica nerve. As a sciatica expert, simply using our techniques sciatic nerve pain can be reduced by removing the compression or the irritation of the nerve at the appropriate spot.