Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 

Get fit!  

Covid-19 has absolutely rocked the entire world and it is unlikely that there is a single person on 
the planet that has not been affected in some way. Research is finding out more and more every 
week but the biggest co-factors associated with the worst experiences of Covid -19 are being 
overweight, diabetic or living with an underlying health concern. 
What is Involved? 
Our Covid Immune System Bootcamp is run fully online and involved the following: 
1 x 3-hour initial webinar 
Weekly 45-minute webinars 
1 x 45 minute 1:1 
1 x 2-hour webinar in week 3 
1 x 3 hour round up webinar 
The programme is delivered by a team experienced specialists, therapists and coaches from a range of disciplines who have decades worth of experience each. 
Dr Diet. 
Your Diet forms the cornerstone of every cell in your body. Your are literally what you eat. Our immune system is constantly under attack from the majority of the foods that we eat on a day to day basis – sugar, refined flour, processed foods, alcohol, caffeine to name but a few. 
Dr Movement. 
Movement is life, it is vital that you move your body each and every day but also that you do something that you enjoy. Note that it is not Dr Exercise. 
Dr Quiet. 
Rest and relaxation are essential to any health kick. That is not just resting the body, but the mind too. An overworked mind can totally destroy any progress that the body is trying to make. 
Dr Happiness. 
The Boss! Does matter what any of the others are trying to do if Dr Happiness isn’t at the party the body is going nowhere fast. Open your eyes to things that really matter to you. 

Who is it for? 

Our Bootcamp can benefit just about anyone, particularly during winter, however there are 4 specific groups who should be seriously looking at the immune health: 
1. Busy working professionals in high pressure, high stress roles who are working in offices and regularly coming into contact with others, particularly if they are not able to work at home and have been working through the pandemic. 
2. People with any of the big 3 comorbidity factors associated with Covid-19 (obesity, diabetes and/or an underlying health concern 
3. Anyone who has contracted the virus, particularly if they experienced any symptoms whatsoever. 
4. Those people suffering from Long Covid
This is a bootcamp, not a walk in the park. At JT Ethos we deliver results, but you have to earn the results. Participants will have an awful lot of support and guidance and anyone – with the right attitude – can do it. 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
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