Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
"I have made steady progression and been able to strengthen my inner core area, which has helped to support my lower back. This has allowed me to cycle, garden and carry out normal lifting and twisting without adverse effects. With the change in diet and the amount of cycling I have been able to lose a fair amount of weight." 
Clive Poole 
We are thrilled to congratulate Clive – our client of the month for August. 
Clive’s nomination was a breeze, since day 1 he has been fully engaged with the process, inquisatory about what we are trying to achieve and has been willing to give everything a go. And it has been a pleasure to see the results tat this approach has yielded. 
Clive came to JT Ethos for a bit of a kickstart. He was just getting into cycling and was concerned that his long standing back injury would stop him giving it a proper go. He had set himself the target of completing the London to Brighton cycle ride, raising money for a charity very close to his heart, and wanted to make sure he gave himself the best chance possible. 
Like most of us he was also keen o try to lose a bit of weight along the way. 
His aim was to improve his general level of fitness, introduce a wider variety of nutrition and dietary considerations whilst protecting and possibly strengthening his lower. 
His lower back problem has been around for a while and will never be ‘fixed’ but Clive wanted to do whatever he could to strengthen it. His back can flare up very easily so it was important to him that we didn’t allow that to get in the way of his cycling preparations. 
Fortunately Clive took to the cycling like a duck to water (please forgive the mixed metaphors!) and surprisingly his back did not cause him any problems. This meant that we could focus on building his core stability and improving his nutrition. 
From Clive’s experience with us he said, “I have made steady progress and been able to strengthen my inner core, which has allowed me to support my lower back. This has allowed me to cycle, garden & carry out normal lifting and twisting without adverse effects. It creates a good feeling of wellbeing and general healthiness”” 
Even though it was not his main motivation, Clive has lost quite a bit of weight along the way and he did smash his London to Brighton Challenge with great ease. His eye is now on the next challenge – a 190 mile ride in 3 days from London to Paris to raise as much money for charity as he can. In his own words, “I quite like raising money for charity and it’s a good way of combining my love of cycling with my love of raising money for charity.” 
Clive has shown that with a proactive and thorough approach to health that you can recapture ehalth, vitality and fitness at any age and go on to achieve any goal. 
Well done Clive. 
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