Putting People Back in Control of their Health 

Get fit & healthy in 4 weeks!  

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed things for all of us. At JT Ethos it gave us chance to think about the best bits of what we did and whether we could deliver them differently. We first came up with the Covid-19 Immune System Bootcamp, which we still run, but then realised that a lot of people just wanted a quick and simple way to get healthy, to lose some weight, to get back to exercising and feeling good about themselves. 
And our early bootcamps delivered those things in such an overwhleming way that we knew we were onto something. 
We made a few tweaks and so became our Rocket Fuelled Health Kick. 
In just 4 weeks you will: 
Lose weight 
Detox your body 
Have more energy 
Improve your sleep 
Improve your self esteem 
Improve your immune health 
Just feel GREAT!!!! 
What is Involved? 
Our Rocket fuelled Health Kick is run fully online and involved the following: 
1 x 90-minute initial webinar, 
2 x Weekly 60-minute webinars, 
1 x 90-minute round up webinar, 
The programme is delivered by a team experienced specialists, therapists and coaches from a range of disciplines who have decades worth of experience each. 
Dr Diet. 
Your Diet forms the cornerstone of every cell in your body. Your are literally what you eat. You'll be amazed at just how mnuch your body responds when you start to feed it the right stuff. 
Dr Movement. 
Movement is life, it is vital that you move your body each and every day but also that you do something that you enjoy. Note that it is not Dr Exercise. 
Dr Quiet. 
Rest and relaxation are essential to any health kick. That is not just resting the body, but the mind too. An overworked mind can totally destroy any progress that the body is trying to make. 
Dr Happiness. 
The Boss! Does matter what any of the others are trying to do if Dr Happiness isn’t at the party the body is going nowhere fast. Open your eyes to things that really matter to you. 

Who is it for? 

Our Health Kick can benefit just about anyone, particularly during winter, however there are 4 specific groups who should be seriously looking at their health holistically : 
1. Busy working professionals in high pressure, high stress roles who are working in offices and regularly coming into contact with others, particularly if they are not able to work at home and have been working through the pandemic. 
2. People who just want to do something that works! People who haven’t got time try a few things and work out the best way for them, they just want to get healthy! 
3. People who like to exercise and think they are heatlhy but need some inspiration
4. Those people who need a real kick start in their journey to better health
This is a health kick, not a health nudge. At JT Ethos we deliver results, but you have to earn the results. Participants will have an awful lot of support and guidance and anyone – with the right attitude – can do it. 


This year we are providing options. We know that the best results come from doing things properly - do it once, do it really well, and benefit massively - but not everyone will want to go the whole hog. Our 6-week health kick is the full bells and whistles, but we only run that once a year. The 4-week version is shorter, still as punchy and still delivers powerful results, all for just: 
A free, no-obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and how our programmes can help you. 
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