Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Damien Wilson 
Damien’s initial reasons for coming to see us were centred around needing more energy, getting on top of his ever increasing waistline and preparing himself to attack his new work role with real zeal and enthusiasm. 
Although aware of our reputation, he was impressed by the scientific measurements of his posture, his movement and his core strength and also by the immediate impact of our treatment in removing both his knee pain and his need to wear orthotics on day 1! 
What he wasn’t expecting was some of the discussions surrounding how his mindset and his ability to deal with the trials and tribulations of a challenging period in his life and how they were part and parcel of developing a programme that worked for him. 
The real highlight of Damien’s success from our perspective is that he has had to blend the physical and nutritional work with a real awareness of the impact of other things in his life. During our work Damien has gone through some huge changes in his working life, maintained his positive input into his family life and also helped his mother through some health challenges and a house move. 
Many people will know how much strain even one of these can place on you – and we always stress that the work we do will create some strain during the process of making the positive changes – but Damien has kept all the plates spinning effectively, not let one drop and also not been tempted to be overly harsh on himself by expecting unrealistic progress. For us that is probably the most impressive aspect of hi progress to date. 
Damien lists his increased focus and concentration as the #1 benefit of the work he has done saying that it gives his the ability to do achieve he wants to tackle each and every day. This is positively impacting his work life but also his family life and gives him the impetus to maintain the good choices that he is now making. 
Damien was somewhat coy about the objective measurements of his success: 
22% reduction in body fat 
2 stone in weight lost 
3″ lost off his chest, 2″ off his waist & 3″ off his hips! 
But he also expanded on the positive mental impact of committing and succeeding with the changes and how they are fuelling his drive to continue to achieve more and the ultimately maintain all the benefits he has achieved. 
Well done Damien. 
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