Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
Dan has clocked up some impressive numbers but also had some less expected benefits: 
2½ stone weight loss in 3 months 
A feeling of lightness he can't put into words 
4" lost off his chest, 8" off his waist & 4" off his hips! 
Dan Oram 
Dan initallly came to us for some help with his bad back, after years as a martial artist, and also to lose weight - a legacy of the lockdown like so many. But he was also keen to improve his confidence in himself and to start ot feel and look better. 
Dan and his wife Rachel were somewhat daunted by the initial detox they adopted. It seemed a bit extreme and unachieveable but were totaly surprised by how much food they were eating, how full they felt and how much better they felt in themselves so quickly. Oh........... and they were losing weight rapidly and consistently! 
Since those early weeks they have hit the dream land whereby they don't feel like they are doing anything out of the ordinary, they are licving their normal life - as much as any of us have in 2020 - but still losing weight and feeling great. And when they do get to see people - they notice! Who doesn't like that? 
"I still feel like me but......... I move easier, I feel lighter, it is weird but I'm lighter on my feet and don't feel like I'm clumping round the place carrying so much weight" 
Dan has committed to working with us for a year and now the focus is to rebuild his body - improving flexibility and movement, increasing strength and giving him the opportunity to fully enjoy his hobby (listen to the video for details of his awesome hobby). 
But he also expanded on the positive mental impact of this current version of himself and its just awesome to see Dan struggling for words to describe just how good he feels in his own skin.. 
Well done Dan. 
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