Transforming the health of 40-60 years suffering with bad backs, bad necks, diabetes, IBS & middle-aged bodies! 
3 Stone in weight lost 
ZERO aches & pains 
Achieving a weight she is happy with 
Confidence in her body 
Amanda Smith 
We've just awarded our first - and hopefully only - lockdown champion award. Amanda has been a client of ours for quite a long time on and off, but during lockdown she has really mastered the art of bringing all the elements together and the results are just amazing. 
The headlines are: 
Losing over 3 stone 
A real uplift in energy levels all day everyday 
Finally being at the weight she is happy with 
Absolutely ZERO aches, pains or niggles 
Having confidence in her body 
But that only tells half the story. Like all of us lockdown presented any number of challenges, most of which Amanda had never even thought of before. But she drew together all of the information she had acquired over the years, filtered them into a plan that worked for her and then got on with actually doing it! 
Originally Amanda came to us as she was somewhat disgruntled with the state of mainstream personal training in the gyms and realised that she was acquring an increasing number of injuries and most of them were not getting resolved. Over our time together Amanda has needed to address a number of niggles, calves, ankles, knees, lower back to name just the ones we can remember! 
But in Amanda's words "As long as I do what you tell me I have no niggles at all! And I feel going foreward that I am not frightened of pushing my body and I know if anything crops upthat we can get it sorted nice and quickly" 
All of this has allowed Amanda to get back to running without being in any pain, given her an increase in her energy levels and an awareness of just how much her weight had got her down - which has all gone now! 
Those are some pretty big achievements at any time but to have achieved that during lockdown with just support from us makes it simply outstanding. 
Well done Amanda. 
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